Simple Casseroles to Have on Christmas Eve

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Simple Casseroles to Have on Christmas Eve

When it comes to holiday preparations, we tend to focus on the big night or day and then forget that we also have to eat to sustain ourselves through those preparations. So what kind of meal is easy to make, no fuss and ready to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve? Here are some simple casseroles you can make for yourself and your family. 

Simple casseroles are always a great solution for a hearty meal. They fit all kinds of diets, they’re satisfying and warming – every last piece of them. And they’re something you can make in bulk for your family or friends or roommates whenever you have too many other things going on. You can add the ingredients and then let the oven take care of the rest while you’re solving other emergencies.

One important tip? No matter what you add to the casserole, you can always sprinkle some grated low moisture cheese on top, to make it all gooey and melty. Oh, and breadcrumbs work too and give everything a bit of a crunch.

5 simple casseroles that are time-savers

1. Beef and potato casserole with Bechamel

This hearty, meaty casserole comes together pretty quickly. It is a warming crowd-pleaser, where you bake smooth and slightly sweet cooked potato slices together with flavored beef meatballs and Cheddar. For a simpler approach, you can always substitute the Bechamel sauce with yogurt.

2. Chicken and broccoli casserole with mozzarella

This casserole is definitely cheesy, but there’s more than meets the eye. There’s tenderly roasted chicken breast, broccoli, and silky bechamel sauce that tucks everything in. Your guests will get wowed, for sure! And your family! Not to mention that broccoli is quite a healthy thing to eat before stressful times.

3. Cheesy gnocchi and sweet potato casserole

Why not give a try to this comforting gooey gnocchi and sweet potato dish? It is best suited for chilly weather. Use two types of cheese and olive oil baked sweet potato cubes for a yummy and cheesy result. You can always substitute the sweet potato with butternut squash. This is perfect if you are a vegetarian or you simply want to have less meat in your diet!

4. Cheesy roasted cauliflower casserole

For this cheesy casserole use ricotta and parmesan. The latter works great in the crispy breadcrumb base, but also the creamy filling, and the topping. Roast the cauliflower to give it the maximum flavor boost and enrich it with anchovy.

5. Bacon, egg, and potato chip casserole

If you want to have a satisfying meal with plenty of flavors, we urge you to try this bacon, egg, and potato chip casserole. This dish is savory and it is enough to bring joy to 4-5 people, so if you and your family have no diet issues, it’s the best way to end the day!

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