Shrimp Recipes to Prawn Up Your Meals

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Can you ever have too much seafood? We think not unless you have some food allergies. But other than that unfortunate case we feel for, there are plenty of shrimp recipes to satisfy your appetite. 

My current roommate is crazy about shrimp and I hadn’t had them that much or often, but now I am definitely hopping on that train. She cooks this amazing shrimp pasta, with garlic and basil from our own personal pot by the windowsill. I love the way she carefully uses the scissors to cut some of the leaves and then adds them to the dish. She is a great cook and I am lucky to have her.

But I digress. Since she loves shrimp and I want to do something to show my appreciation for feeding me when I am feeling down, I am thinking of cooking up some other shrimp dishes. And because we have so many shrimp recipes right here, my task is actually pretty easy. If you want to join in the shrimp extravaganza, here are some excellent things you can try.

8 shrimp recipes to try as soon as possible

1. Shrimp and mussels in zucchini sauce

If you’re into seafood, welcome to this quick shrimp and mussel combo. It’s a no-brainer pan job where you enhance these sea goodies with lime and garlic. Serve the seafood with a creamy zucchini sauce spiked a bit with jalapeno, tomato juice, and coriander.

2. Tequila shrimp salad

A healthy and satisfying experience and a richly flavored full meal. This is what tequila shrimp salad has to offer. Spike it with tequila. Its sweetish and kind of fruity taste really upgrade the whole thing. And so is sweet corn. Also, play the sour card and increase the sour factor with grapefruit, lime, and soy sauce.

3. Beer shrimp skillet

Pan-cooking shrimp is a simple 15-minute job and you get a juicy and nutritious appetizer. The beer-flavored sauce is the true game-changer in our case. Spike it with ginger and chili and give it a hint of sweet. Use cornstarch instead of flour to get a thicker sauce and don’t forget to use your favorite beer.

4. Salmon and shrimp casserole

This seafood and vegetable casserole is ideal for the cold weather. It’s rich and nutritious but gentle on the stomach. That’s because it is packed with spinach, carrots, leek, tomatoes, and a mashed potato topping. It also includes salmon and shrimp, all with a subtle lemony touch.

5. Sweet corn and shrimp with peas

Cooking with shrimp is always a quick and easy way to get some healthy and tasty seafood on the table. Toss into the skillet vegetable goodies like fennel and celery. Make it slightly hot by adding some chili. Also, use sweet corn so that its mild sweetness combines with that of the peas. And you want to mash the latter to release their whole flavor.

6. Thai coconut shrimp soup

Fresh ginger gives a heavenly touch to this Thai coconut shrimp soup! We’re in love with the result, but if you look for a milder spiciness, use sliced ginger instead of crushed and discard the slices after you add the shrimp into the simmering liquid.

7. Spiced-up shrimp curry

Curries are some of the best dishes South-Asian cuisine has to offer us. And a spicy shrimp curry really is something to try and cook at home. Be careful because you’ll need to visit the spice shops a little because you’ll see that this dish is packed full of all kinds of exotic spices. So if spicy food is what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

8. Shrimp and avocado noodles

A lighter take on the shrimp noodle recipe, using a very little amount of oil. We’ve paired rice noodles with some sauteed shrimp and a delicious avocado mash. To give it that exotic Asian flavor, we’ve added ingredients like soy sauce, cilantro, sesame oil, and garlic.

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