Schnitzel Recipes – How Do You Prefer Your Schnitzel?

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You can call it a schnitzel but the truth is you can stumble upon the thinned and breaded fried meat pretty much all over the world, under different names. It’s very likely that people have created local versions of this dish since forever. Check out these schnitzel recipes, that are so much more than schnitzels.

Make them from pork, chicken, or veal, build them into a casserole, or stuff them with veggies, cheese, or even with other meats. They are so versatile and preparing them is anything but time-consuming. Out of our seven schnitzel recipes the longest one takes 70 minutes to make and is, in fact, a mighty casserole. See for yourself!

7 schnitzel recipes to indulge in

1. Eggplant Schnitzel Casserole

Check out this filling and satisfying casserole. It’s full of the flavors of breadcrumb-coated chicken breast and eggplant. Fry them, and then bake them. You can add mozzarella for a creamy twist. The cheese brings a soft hint to a hearty combo.

2. Salami And Cheese Stuffed Chicken Schnitzel

How can you make the best chicken schnitzel? Besides the seasoning and the crispy crust, you can also fill it with all kinds of ingredients. We’ve tried doing it with a mix of cheese, salami, and basil. The result was truly delicious, just try making it and see if you like it!

3. Cheese-Stuffed Pork Schnitzel With Sweet Potato Mash

Want to make something new out of a pork neck steak? You can fill it with some Cheddar cheese and brie, coat it with flour, egg, breadcrumbs, and deep-fry it. It’s one of the best schnitzels you can try, and it works very well with a simple sweet potato mash!

4. Cream Cheese And Spinach-Filled Turkey Schnitzel

Got some extra turkey breast and want to put it to good use? How about trying some schnitzels? To make things even better, fill them with cream cheese, baby spinach and a bit of parmesan. Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside… under these circumstances, this recipe is definitely worth trying!

5. Cream Cheese-Filled Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken breast is very versatile, which means that you can play with it in all kinds of ways. So then, why not make a schnitzel? Try a simple filling with cream cheese and spring onion. Coat it with flour, whisked egg, panko and slide it in the oven. If you’re looking for a side-dish, don’t worry! A few baby carrots with a nice drizzle of honey is all this dish needs!

6. Parmesan-Crusted Pork Schnitzel

When it comes to pork, one of the best pieces is probably the neck because of its tender texture and succulent consistency. Few people know, but it is one of the best meats for making a delicious schnitzel. It’s ideal to serve it with a side of rice. Also, you can cover it with some parmesan to get that extra crispy texture!

7. Cheese And Bacon Filled Pork Schnitzel

Are you in the mood for a tasty schnitzel? Then you should try our version of the classic pork schnitzel, which has savory cream cheese, bacon, and spring onion filling! We are sure it’s something you will try over and over again!



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