Savory Apple Recipes Because Apples Are Wonderful

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Apple Pizza with Cheddar

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The mighty and ubiquitous apple is THE fruit par excellence and we’re all used to see it as an ingredient in some of the best known sweet recipes out there: pies, cakes, you name it. But how often is this wonder of nature added to our savory foods? How many savory apple recipes have you seen around?

How many times did you hear about apple sauce, apple-and-pork, apple-and-turkey, apple pizza, or apple cream soup? If your answer is „not often”, then you’re in for a treat, because here we’ve picked some of our megalicious savory apple recipes and we want to share them with you. Enjoy these special blends of salty, sweet, and sour!

Enjoy fall with 7 savory apple recipes

1. Apple And Porcini-Stuffed Pork Loin

Meaty, buttery, and hiding a juicy core. This is how these pork loin rolls can better be described. Stuff them with a mixture of slightly sweet diced apples and nutty porcini mushrooms. Serve them sliced. They’ll look awesome.

2. Pan-Fried Pork With Apples

Most of us know very well that pan-fried pork tenderloin is nothing but delicious. But you can make it even more delicious by tossing sautéed apples into the pan. Cooking them together with the meat, some crème fraiche and mustard turns out to be megalicious.

3. Pork Roast With Apple Sauce

Have you tried apples and pork together? Most people say it’s a match made in heaven! And we totally agree. The strong flavor of the pork is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the apple sauce. The sauce also makes for a lighter side for pork. You can also add in some potatoes (we have used purple ones and they turned out just great)!

4. Apple, Sweet Potato And Turkey Patties

Low-carb mouth-watering patties for everyone! Make them slightly hot and rather sweet with paprika, apple, and sweet potato. We suggest serving them over an equally low-carb side-dish. As for those of you not following any diet, why not simply using these patties for burgers?

5. Butternut Squash And Apple Cream Soup

Creamy and smooth, warming and nutritious. Is there any better way to shortly describe a vegetarian cream soup? Probably not. This time toss apple and butternut squash and let their flavors blend into a special mix. Brighten your day with this velvety wonder and your palate will express its gratitude to you.

6. Apple Pizza With Cheddar

We know, we know. We couldn’t believe it either. We couldn’t believe how incredibly tasty the baked apple paired with gooey cheddar can be. The puff pastry crust and the sour cream just completes the whole thing. And you only need 20-25 minutes. Really!

7. Pork And Apple Pie

Let’s get extra-meaty here. Use three types of pork meat for this hearty pie, for extra variety in texture and flavors. Prepare the dough using goose fat and bring a little freshness into the equation by tossing 1/2 of diced apple into the filling.


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