8 Sandwich Recipes to Charge Your Batteries in the Morning

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Everybody likes a tasty sandwich every once in a while, right? Be they hamburgers, grilled sandwiches, hot dogs, or what have you, people tend to be fond of this no-brainer dish. We’ll carry you through some sandwich recipes that are meant to be eaten in the morning.

It is a widely accepted opinion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you agree with it or not, make sure you check out these sandwich recipes. Is there any easier way for anybody to quickly put together a filling and nutritious meal? If you’ve found one, let us know.

8 breakfast sandwich recipes to fully charge you

1. Marinated Salmon Sandwich

Pair the smooth and tender marinated salmon meat with a peppery lime and chive-flavored cream cheese spread. It’s one of the healthiest fish sandwiches we know!

2. Smoked Salmon Scrambled Eggs

Good morning and welcome to this hearty and rich breakfast, which gives you the much-needed energy boost for the first part of the day. Cook the scrambled eggs in butter and upgrade them with ultra-delicious chopped smoked salmon. Add some heavy cream, too, and flavor with dill. You can serve it as is or, even better, on sandwiches with more smoked salmon and dill.

3. Toast-Bread Omelet

Have you tried making your omelet inside a slice of bread? You get a delicious egg sandwich. It may seem more difficult than it actually is. Try making it for the weekend brunch and watch you and your family fall in love with it. Plus, it’s ready in about 15 minutes!

4. Pastrami, Mayo, and Yogurt Toast Sandwiches

Good morning! Ready to eat your toast? First prepare a smooth and sour spread from mayonnaise, mustard, yogurt, and lemon juice. Then bring more help with finger-licking pastrami and pickles and let the new day begin.

5. Egg and Salmon Sandwiches

Why don’t you start your day with these deliciously creamy and colorful sandwiches? It takes about 5 minutes to mix some parsley with cream cheese into a cream which you then spread it on the toast. Top with smoked salmon, boiled egg, tomato, and broccoli sprouts.

6. Yorkshire Pudding Mini-Sandwiches

This is not a twist on the Yorkshire pudding but rather a hybrid between the known English dish and the burger sandwich. The result is colorful mini-sandwiches stuffed with 3 types of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, and ham.

7. Egg In A Hole Sandwich

What are you in the mood for this breakfast? If you have no idea planned, let’s try this Instagram-worthy egg in a hole sandwich! It’s ready in under half an hour, it has melted cheese, and a perfectly cooked egg, all inside a crispy toast bread. Beat that!

8. Fig, Prosciutto, and Cheese Sandwiches

Rich in vitamins, natural sugars, and minerals, figs are destined to be served about as much as you can get them. They taste excellent too, and they’re such a versatile ingredient. We’ve placed them on top of a whole wheat bread and we made some delicious sandwiches using prosciutto, cheese, arugula, and a touch of Dijon mustard.

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