5 Rice Burgers Because We Can Do It!

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Avocado and Salmon Sushi Burger

Rice is healthy, rice is nutritious, but what if you used it in a different way? Let’s shape the rice into burger buns and make us some Asian-style burgers. These rice burgers, as they are called, can be a welcome change to your regular hamburger at least as far as the bun goes.

As far as the filling goes, there is no real hindrance there. Everything suitable for serving over rice is good, say fish (smoked, fried, or raw), avocado, bell peppers, and a whole range of vegetables (you name it) is good enough for stuffing the rice burgers. You can even try other meats or newer untried combinations in your rice burgers. See what we’ve tried!

5 healthy rice burgers to try

1. Smoked Fish And Avocado Riceburger

Inspired from Japanese and South Korean cuisine, a riceburger replaces the classic burger bun with two compressed rice cakes. We have also experimented with the rest of the ingredients, replacing the patty with a mix of smoked fish, mayo, avocado, and sriracha sauce. Speaking of this sauce, have you tried it? It sure brings some spice and extra flavor into your life!

2. Fish Riceburger

How can you make a burger healthier? First, you can try a gluten-free approach and replace the bun with 2 rice cakes, which you can easily make on your own by following our instructions. As for the meat, the fish fillet is a very good option, adding its special flavor into the mix. You can also add avocado, arugula, and some fiery hot chili sauce!

3. Vegetarian Riceburger

Since we are healthy diet advocates, we have the following proposition for you today. It’s a burger, but with a few honorable twists. First, the bun is made entirely from rice. Next, there is no meat involved here, because we have replaced it with a few sauteed veggies, spiced up with spicy sriracha sauce. It’s definitely healthier than a regular burger, so why not try it for tonight?

4. Avocado And Salmon Sushi Burger

How about a cross between burger and sushi? This is what you get when you use sushi rice patties as burger buns and hot salmon instead of red meat. Complete this with creamy avocado and fresh lettuce. Try it, we promise you won’t regret it.

5. Mini Sushi Burgers

If you like sushi, and you want to make it at home, but you don’t want to work hard to make all of these tiny rolls, try a new shape! These mini sushi burgers are easier to make, and you don’t need sushi nori nor a sushi rolling mat. Same delicious taste, less work!

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