8 Recipes With Jam to Sweeten Your Meals

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Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Jam Tartlets

We were wondering how often you use jam in your recipes. We have some great ideas on how to make your own jams, from pineapple or quince or what have you, but here is the thing: we’re trying to get you to some of our recipes with jam, where these celebrated fruit preserves have a somewhat bigger role than simply topping the pancakes.

Check some of our more elaborated examples of recipes with jam to see how you can include this wonderfully sweet spread into your foods. We’re talking here not just about the usual sweet pastries and desserts, but also about savory recipes (savory snacks, main course, or breakfast & brunch). See how you can use jam in your sauces, your stuffings, and your toppings.

8 recipes with jam

1. Duck Bobotie With Apricot Jam

This South-African dish is basically a casserole where meat is baked together with moist milk-soaked bread and topped with custard. Our bobotie uses cubed fat duck meat. We cook it with sweet raisins and flavor with curry powder. We wanted to increase the sweetness factor, so we added some apricot jam between the layers of goodness.

2. Chicken, Brie And Cranberry Jam Tartlets

Need a good starter to boost the appetite for this years’ Christmas dinner? We recommend these delicious tartlets with chicken, brie, and cranberry jam. They lean a bit toward the gourmet side, but if you have some pretentious guests dropping by, they will really be enjoyed!

3. Strawberry Jam Puff Pastry Roll-Ups

If you’re in the mood for sweet bites you should try these creamy, buttery, and sweet roll-ups. We’re talking cream cheese and delicious strawberry jam, here. They get wrapped together in flaky puff pastry and wait for you to gorge on them.

4. Strawberry Jam French Toast

If you love French toast, as we do, you probably make it often. What about the toppings? Instead of using store-bought varieties, make your own jam, jelly, or sauces! They are healthier because you can control the ingredients you use. Our idea for today is this strawberry jam French toast!

5. Banana And Blueberry Jam Cake

Filled with banana mash, blueberry jam, and coated with a sugar glaze, this simple cake is the perfect idea for a weekend dessert. It may take an hour and a half to make it, but all the fuss is totally worth it!

6. Cherry Jam And Meringue Brownie

The simplest desserts are always the best! With cherry jam and sweet, smooth meringue, this delicious brownie cake is perfect for when you’re planning anniversaries or simply spoiling yourself and your loved ones at the weekends!

7. Sour Cherry Jam Donuts

When you’re craving for some donuts, don’t buy them from the store! Make at home these cottage cheese rings and fill them with sour cherry jam. Or whatever jam you like most. And serve with whipped cream.

8. Raspberry Jam Pastries

Are you craving for some sweet jam pastries? Instead of buying them from the store, make your own at home, using your favorite jam for filling!

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