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9 Potato Recipes That Could Rival French Fries

9 Potato Recipes That Could Rival French Fries Roasted potato in frying pan on wooden background

From potato to Cinderella! Maybe it's unfair that whenever we think of this root vegetable, we always have French fries in mind. When it comes to potato recipes, there are so many more wonderful ideas out there. 

I recently really liked this tweet, that got a lot of attention on my social media.

A lot of people delighted in it, but others rightfully told me that maybe there are other great incarnations of potato recipes to be tried and tested. And after being dismissive at first, I realized that is very true! Potatoes are super versatile, and they deserve to shine, in whatever way you might decide to cook them.

9 potato recipes to go beyond frying

1. Roast lamb shoulder with garlic potatoes

Prepare to drool over this one! First, sear the meat, then roast it covered in aluminum. The result is juicy and moist, also incredibly soft. Cook it together with veggies and a lot of herbs to enrich the lamb’s flavor. Then grab a fork and feast!

2. Cheesy stuffed baked potatoes

This is happiness on a plate. We used 3 types of cheese for this extra-cheesy dish. It is creamy and smooth, thanks to the potato flesh combined with cream cheese, parmesan, and mozzarella. Although this is vegetarian, feel free to add other, more meaty ingredients, like bacon!

3. Loaded Hasselback potatoes

You just gotta love Hasselback potatoes! They're so full of flavor and they look great as well. We've filled ours with Cheddar and ham and then tucked them in a rich Bechamel sauce. A delicious recipe, that we're urging you to share with your friends.

4. Potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce

Sure, roasted potatoes and broccoli might not be the most appealing meal ever, but luckily for you, things are about to change. You can serve the roasted veggies with a special sauce. We went for Cheddar as the main ingredient, and the sauce turned out to be just what this dish needed.

5. Sauteed parsley potatoes with Harissa sauce

Have you considered frying cubed potatoes as an alternative to the classic French fries? Let’s try it together because it’s a quick and easy meal. Prep the potatoes by deep-frying them, then toss them in a pan together with garlic and tomato sauce. Add some ingredients that will surely give them a kick and extra-flavor, like harissa sauce, curry, and parsley. Serve them as a vegetarian meal or as a side-dish.

6. Marinated lamb with potatoes and mozzarella

How well can you handle something decadently extra-delicious? Find out the answer with this dish. The lamb meat is savory and succulent when cooked together with juicy veggies, oregano, mustard, and vinegar in parchment paper. Add mozzarella to it and there is your cheesy, filling, and incredibly tasty meal.

7. Spicy potatoes

Oh, the classic potatoes! What a versatile ingredient... You can make so many delicious things using them. For today, we've decided to spice them up a little and make a nice Middle Eastern side dish. We've flavored them with some garlic, chili, lemon juice, and coriander for an exotic taste.

8. Foil-wrapped potatoes topped with sour cream

Who said baked potatoes must be simple and dull? If you make deep cuts into the potatoes, you can stuff them with almost everything. We've used a mix of butter and fresh parsley as stuffing. The butter, which has been previously frozen, will soften the potatoes while cooking in the oven. Add sour cream on top of the potatoes before serving, for a final touch.

9. Tornado potatoes

Is tonight movie night? Instead of buying a bag or two of chips, maybe you could prepare your own. Go for these tornado potatoes - they're as comforting as a store-bought snack, and they go hand in hand with some beer!

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