Polenta Recipes to Stir in Your Meal Plan

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If you’re looking to try a new side dish, then maybe this wonderful cornmeal specialty is for you! And because it’s designed for you to have it with other ingredients, we’ve prepared an inspiring list of polenta recipes. 

Polenta is one of those foods that go with so many things that the options for pairing it seem literally endless. Of course, we firmly believe there are some tasty options to try out first.

7 polenta recipes to try right now

1. Mushrooms with polenta

Impress your family with a creamy, filling, and warming main course. Make it extra-cheesy by mixing polenta with grated parmesan and topping the final dish with diced Cheddar and mozzarella. The buttery, truffle oil-cooked mushrooms are flavored with thyme and rosemary and bring the flavors to a new level.

2. Sun-dried tomato, polenta, and veggie salad

Do you want to eat less meat but don’t have many ideas about what foods to make? This sun-dried tomato, polenta, and veggie salad should do the trick. It also has tofu and sunflower seeds, and it’s full of tasty nutrients!

3. Chicken white stew with fried polenta

If you’re already used to having simple polenta, let’s take it to another level. Fry it with some rosemary and parmesan, then serve it with this delicious white sauce stew, made with chicken and mushrooms.

4. Polenta mini-pizzas

Say hi to these mini-pizzas with a polenta base. Polenta and mushrooms belong together. The same is with polenta and cheese. These bites have a cheesy and smooth texture that gets a kick out of the mildly crunchy bell pepper and bacon topping. Serve them warm or cooled.

5. Smoked pork belly, eggplant, and polenta casserole

Polenta casseroles always tend to surprise with their load of goodies hidden between layers of creamy polenta. Ours gets upgraded by the dripping mega-delicious smoked pork belly. We further enhance it with sour and tangy pan-cooked eggplant slices and a generous load of tomatoes.

6. Baked cheesy polenta with tomatoes

You thought you knew all about polenta? It is still uncharted territory. For example, add milk to your polenta mixture to get a creamier texture. Then get an interesting sweet aroma by flavoring it with nutmeg. Pair it with tangy tomatoes and feta cheese, then bake it to perfection. Experiment!

7. Bacon and mozzarella polenta

Polenta is usually a delicious and simple to make dish. But if you add some bacon and mozzarella, it becomes super easy to take it to the next level! Try it right now!

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