7 Oscars Party Snacks to Prepare for Sunday

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7 Oscars Party Snacks to Prepare for Sunday

The 91st Academy Awards Gala is taking place on Sunday and you know what that means: you need to have some sort of menu on the table. Here are some Oscars party snacks, simple and tasty ideas for you. 

Sure, the odyssey for picking an Academy Awards host this year was a drawn-out process with no results and could be very accurately described as a “hot mess”. Some people think that Whoopi Goldberg might end up being a surprise host. But amidst the controversies, there are those of us who secretly hope that the gala would be a trainwreck because otherwise, it gets pretty boring. But what will you serve as Oscars party snacks this year, waiting for the catastrophe to unfold? Here are some of our best ideas.

7 Oscars party snacks

1. Cheesy smoked salmon sandwiches

These sandwiches where crunchy meets creamy are so extremely delicious that you’ll never stop gorging on them. This is thanks to the oregano and thyme-flavored dressing paired with a creamy smoked salmon spread. Trust us, they are incredible. We’ve tried them.

2. Mozzarella and parmesan chicken bites

When in need of something crispy and gooey at the same time, you can turn to these bite-sized cheesy nuggets. So before deep-frying them, stuff the chicken breast pieces with mozzarella sticks for a meaty and cheesy experience. For the crunchiness factor coat them with an oregano-flavored mixture of panko and parmesan. Serving them with a dip is a must. They will be gone in no time.

3. Creamy tahini eggplant spread

The deliciously creamy texture of this dish will win your heart for sure. Just upgrade with yogurt and tahini the eggplant’s pleasantly smoky taste. This is a spread, but it can be served as a dip, too. So, serve it either with toast or with some snack.

4. Sweet potato burger bites

Come and try these vegetarian and healthy bites that look like mini-burgers. That’s just about it in terms of similarities with the classic burger. Ours have a creamy red bean mixture between two crispy grilled slices of sweet potato. And the play between salty and mildly sweet ingredients makes them so tasty.

5. Tapenade spread

This southern French spread has deep roots in the old Mediterranean cuisine. There is no tapenade without capers and there are few real Mediterranean dishes without olives or at least olive oil. Use black and Kalamata olives. Mix these three together with anchovies and garlic and flavor them with some mint leaves. In no time you’ll have an extra-tasty and healthy spread to start your meal or your day.

6. Baby spinach cheesy phyllo triangles

Did you try the Tiropitakia super-snacks, already? They have a super-delicious crunchy and buttery crust thanks to the oil-coated, baked phyllo pastry. The filling has two types of cheese and, also, veggies. So, cheesiness is perfectly teamed up with fresh and savory greens.

7. Party sushi platter

Hey, what about making your own sushi? You can even organize a sushi party. Follow the steps and put together your own tempura, California, and maki sushi rolls, as well as the nigiri bites. It’s so inviting, so colorful and, we guarantee, so delicious. So, rest assured, your guests will gorge on them.

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