5 Octopus Recipes to Follow Their Call

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When one thinks octopus recipes, there are two main world-renowned cuisines coming to one’s mind: Mediterranean and Asian (or Far-Eastern, if you like). And by octopus, we don’t mean the cute little baby octopus, but the real thing, the Cthulhu of the plate.

Let’s follow the call of the mighty octopus with these carefully selected recipes. Their texture is chewy in the most pleasant way and they pair so well with pasta, with a lot of veggies, and with other seafood. What’s more, the ‘Htapodi Salata’ (Greek for ‘Octopus Salad’) is one shining example of an original Mediterranean staple food.

Hear the call with these octopus recipes

1. Warm Octopus Tentacle Salad

A warm octopus salad is clearly not something you eat every day. But preparing it is as easy as tossing seafood and veggies together into a skillet. The octopus’ pleasantly chewy texture goes so well with the flavored mixture of buttery baby spinach and tangy Kalamata olives.


2. Korean Fried Octopus

When one thinks about Asian cuisine, condiments, spices, and aromas come to mind. The same is true of Korean cuisine. Take these fried octopus tentacles, for instance. You’re going to flavor them (and the salad) with soy sauce, ginger, star anise, mango sauce, hoisin sauce, and a lot of other flavoring goodies.

Korean Fried Octopus

3. Curry Octopus Fusilli Pasta

Pasta can be the bedrock of a wonderful dish or a plain one. Stick to the wonderful side by working on the toppings for the delicately cooked fusilli. How about some octopus? Make a curry with it, and let the textures, sauces, and spices build layer upon layer of flavor.


4. Octopus and Swordfish Taglierini

So are you into seafood? If your eyes are in the shape of hearts right now, you definitely should try this octopus and swordfish combo, on top of some carefully cooked taglierini. And if cooking the octopus intimidates you, worry not! Grilling is pretty simple to figure out.


5. Shrimp and Octopus Rice Bowl

Inspired by the Hawaiian poke bowls, this recipe sure needs to be tested. We have replaced raw tuna with grilled octopus and shrimp, and we must say… the result is delicious! Serve it with avocado, mango, cucumber, and red chili!


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