Mushroom Recipes to Share With Your Loved Ones

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There are so many mushroom types out there and endless ways you can cook them. That’s why we decided to choose some of our best mushroom recipes for you so that you have a nice head start. 

But first, here are the most important mushroom types you can work with. And here is the best way to keep them fresh for a longer time. And, at long last, we want to tell you how you can sidestep some possible mushroom cooking mistakes you might run into.

8 mushroom recipes to cook right away

1. Mushroom and chicken stew

Care for a protein-rich low-carb stew, anyone? Toss chicken breast, brown mushrooms, spices, and some veggies into the pot and from there it’s roughly 1 hour of simmering and occasional stirring which will end up in a meaty and warming dish.

2. Three-mushroom soup

Oh, look, another mega-delicious creamy soup! It is packed with vegetable proteins brought in by the Champignon, Pleurotus, and Shimeji mushrooms. Umami-rich, onion-smoky, and soft, this should be enjoyed while warm.

3. Mushroom-stuffed tomatoes

Serve this vegetarian dish warm or cold, as the main course, as a starter, or even as a side. Regardless, it is protein-rich, low-carb, and delicious. Although most of the pulp gets scooped out and discarded (we’ve gulped down ours!), the tomatoes retain their juiciness. Enjoy them and their cheesy mushroom filling.

4. Mushroom frittata muffins

These protein-rich delicious bites are a wonderful way to start your day. To get these savory frittata muffins on your table you need to saute some mushrooms in smoky onion and olive oil. Then bake this mixture into a cheesy flourless egg batter. Our advice: use bigger muffin pans, much bigger.

5. Bacon and chanterelle mushroom tagliatelle

There is no limit to the degree of deliciousness the bacon pasta can reach. And no stop as to how much you can improve this scrumptious combination even more. Cooked in butter and paired with meaty Chanterelle mushrooms, the irresistible bacon with tagliatelle is truly delicious.

6. Cheesy mushroom burgers

Everybody knows how tasty the burgers can be, but this one crosses the line! The crunchy crust and crispy bacon tossed into the extra-cheesy mayonnaise mixture will convince you. Trying this nutritious and protein-rich mushroom burger is a must.

7. Creamy mushroom-barley pilaf

Pilaf or pilau is a dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent. It’s hearty and warming being the perfect choice on a cold winter day. To have diversity into your diet, opt for barley instead of rice for this pilaf.

8. Cheesy spinach squares with pickled mushrooms

Share this smoother version of the puff pastry squares with your friends. It’s a cheesy finger-food that may be perfect for a soiree. The filling has sour cream, ricotta, and cream cheese. The pickled mushrooms bring a welcomed tangy touch.

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