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Mayonnaise Recipes: What to Make if You Have Too Much Mayo?

Mayonnaise Recipes: What to Make If You Have Too Much Mayo? Homemade mayonnaise sauce and olive oil, eggs, mustard, lemon. Selective focus

Sometimes you have too much of an ingredient on hand and when you’re thinking what to do with it, you’re drawing a blank. That’s why we compiled these mayonnaise recipes for you so that you can find all that you might need in one place. 

Recently I made a huge batch of mayo and all I did with it was dip my unhealthy French fries in it, which made me think: maybe I need a list of mayonnaise recipes to keep on hand for the next batch. And then I thought: maybe you, dear reader, need it as well. So what to do with all the mayo in that huge jar you just bought? I have some ideas…

7 mayonnaise recipes to try

1. Nile perch stew with white wine and garlic mayonnaise

30 minutes is not that long of a time. This is all you need for cooking a delicious Nile perch stew. Cut the fish into cubes and cook it in white wine, onion, garlic, and tomato sauce. These, together with thyme and bay leaf, will concur in creating a finely-textured, and savory composition.

2. Roasted mayonnaise duck

A richly flavored, stuffed roasted duck is well-suited for festive meals and can be even a substitute for turkey. Fill the duck with onion and celery stalks and cover it with a spiced mayonnaise mixture to tastefully complement the roasted duck’s juicy meat.

3. Pastrami, mayo, and yogurt toast sandwiches

Good morning! Ready to eat your toast? First prepare a smooth and sour spread from mayonnaise, mustard, yogurt, and lemon juice. Then bring more help with finger-licking pastrami and pickles and let the new day begin.

4. Cheddar and mayo cookies

What better way to start a meal than some salty snacks. And these Cheddar and mayo cookies are just great for that. They’re made from a mixture of butter and flour, and they’re filled with mayo and Cheddar. Strong and savory, a few of these will mark the start of a delicious meal!

5. Extra cheesy mayonnaise giant sandwich

Welcome to the ginormous and decadently extra-cheesy toast sandwich. The two types of cheese melting together, and the mayonnaise make this true Godzilla a hearty breakfast. Add some BBQ sauce for a smoky, tangy touch. And serve warm.

6. Grape, pecan, and mayo farfalle salad with bacon

How do you feel about having a yummy pasta salad? Try it with al dente cooked farfalle pasta, which goes equally well with cold and warm dishes. Bring together salad and grape freshness and crunchy pecans. Add a sweet and sour onion dressing mix with an extra-creaminess factor from the mayo.

7. Eggplant mayo rolls

A quick and easy to make snack, this recipe can get you out of trouble when you have a couple of unexpected guests. You don’t need that many ingredients also, and the toppings list is virtually infinite. These eggplant mayo rolls work great with just about anything.


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