Perfect Lamb Recipes for a Celebration Dinner

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It’s the season when lamb recipes reign supreme! If you want to cook a delicious, flavorful, yet special dish for your family, this type of meat is definitely the way to go! And we have some great suggestions for you! 

As I get older so do my tastes refine. And after a seeming eternity of my life having just chicken and pork, I’ve finally opened up my heart and my stomach to other meats. I love duck recipes and also I’ve tried goat once (and loved it), but there’s a special place for lamb in my menu these days and I think you should give it a go as well.

7 lamb recipes to try out for a special meal

1. Lamb shoulder with new potato salad

Lamb shoulder is tender enough to be baked at higher temperatures and get its juices sealed. Rubbing in salt also helps. Besides that, flavoring the lamb meat is always an excellent idea, so let’s add lemon zest to the rub and cherry tomatoes into the pan. But you’re not done until you serve this with new potato and baby spinach salad.

2. Lamb skewers

Grilled skewers are such a pleasure to everyone’s party guests. They are literally finger-licking colorful treats. Try diced lamb tenderloin this time and don’t forget the flavorful vegetables, of course. Serve them with a sharp and refreshing yogurt dip.

3. Braised lamb shank with vegetables

Let’s cook this lamb shank so that it borrows some of the best flavors. First pan-sear it coated in olive oil, then bake in a savory vegetable mixture with a cup of red wine added to the baking dish. What you’ll get, is tasty tender meat, ready to be served with a proper side-dish.

4. Garlic lamb shank with potatoes

When talking about lamb we’re thinking about moist, well flavored, savory meat. Pair it with potatoes and cover both with acidic and slightly hot garlic and lemon sauce. Cooking them together lends potatoes some of the lamb aromas, making them an irresistible roast combo. Feel free to serve this on a bed of refreshing greens.

5. Lamb rolls with spicy sauce

These lamb breast rolls have a flavored spicy aroma thanks to the beautiful marinade in which they are heavily coated. So, combine soy sauce, garlic, rosemary and chili flakes for making the marinade, leave the meat to rest a bit in it and then throw it on the grill.

6. Lamb breast roll with fried asparagus

It’s always a great idea to season and flavor lamb meat. This is why we seasoned this roll with a mixture of oregano, thyme, mint, and rosemary. This is also why we pan-cooked the meat roll in a shallot-red wine mixture and garnished it with a spicy asparagus salad.

7. Barbecue-glazed lamb ribs

Want to bring an American touch to your delicious lamb ribs? Before cooking them into the oven, glaze them with a touch of barbecue sauce. Its sweet and smoky flavor will balance the strong flavor of lamb and it will go excellent with just about any side dish you choose from salads to roasted veggies.

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