5 Italian Chicken Recipes to Make Room for in Your Stomach

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Chicken is one of the most used types of meat throughout the world and Italian cuisine is no exception. Its low-fat content makes it really easy on the stomach. Not to mention it is so tasty, provided that you know what you’re doing. Let’s see how Italian cuisine would do it by looking at 5 Italian chicken recipes!

Be it drumsticks or chicken breast (minced, sliced, or as is), chicken meat can be turned into incredibly delicious dishes by cooking it ‘in padella’ and/or ‘al forno’ and by pairing it with pasta and other meats. This is actually what we did and what we urge you to do in the Italian chicken recipes below. Let’s do some ‘mangiare‘.

Count Your Chickens with these Italian Chicken Recipes

1. Chicken Cacciatore

Let’s do some braising. Hunter-style! This chicken cacciatore recipe is very suitable for that, so have a few drumsticks ready, together with canned tomatoes, vermouth, and a number of spices. And if you’re looking for the real Italian experience, then you better serve the cacciatore with polenta!


2. Chicken Cannelloni

A classic Italian dish, this delicious cannelloni may be the perfect excuse for you to start cooking tonight. Filled with chicken breast, and covered with tomato sauce, Bechamel, and mozzarella, they’re savory, full of flavors, and perfect for tonight’s dinner!


3. Chicken Parmigiana

If you want to go full-Italian tonight, cooking a nice Chicken Parmigiana would be a good choice. With deep-fried chicken, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan, this simple recipe brings you a nice scent of Italy to your table.


4. Chicken Pasta With Gorgonzola Sauce

Sometimes a rich buttery dish with a strong Italian influence is all you need. This time, let’s unite tender chicken breast and pasta on your plate, sprinkled with a creamy gorgonzola and parmesan sauce. As for the choice of pasta, don’t take it too seriously. Any will do.


5. Pasta Al Forno With Chicken and Pancetta

If you didn’t know already, ‘al forno‘ means “cooked in the oven”, and we think that it’s a great way to bring more flavor to pasta! Just try this recipe that has chicken, pancetta, mushrooms, and all those Italian flavors that we love and enjoy. Basil, oregano, tomato sauce, all the good stuff! It’s a recipe that really brings the best out of these ingredients!


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