8 Fruit Recipes That Will Make Everything Sweeter

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8 Fruit Recipes that Will Make Everything Sweeter

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If you like to snack on fruit, especially during the summer, and you’re never low on supplies, you’ll love these fruit recipes we’ve chosen for you to make. That way you’ll have one extra excuse to pick up more mango, grapefruit or whatever it is you love the most!

One of my favorite childhood desserts was the cherry pie my mother used to make with the cherries my sister and I picked from our cherry tree. We liked it so much that we somehow managed not to eat all of the cherries before our mom was able to bake. Thinking of those great times, I looked for some fruit recipes that almost recreate the magic moments for me.

8 fruit recipes to sweeten up your day

1. Apple and walnut Cointreau cake

How about a fruit cake full of enticing aromas? Its main orange flavor is brought out not only by the orange zest but also by the Cointreau liqueur, which you’ll use to soak the dried mixed fruits. The tinges of cinnamon vanilla will only make things better for the walnut and apple combo.

2. Fruity mini pancake skewers

Let’s skewer something for the dessert. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Skewer these mini pancakes together with creamy banana and juicy strawberries and blueberries and you’ll get funny sweet treats on skewers.

3. Grape and prune Bundt cake

Some cakes have the power to take us back to our childhood, don’t you think? Well, this is one of them. It is not only the Bundt cake form that can take you back in time but also the sweet-tart prunes and the juicy grapes hidden under the puffy vanilla-flavored sponge cake base.

4. Pear and walnut phyllo pockets

These pear-stuffed buttery phyllo pastry pockets are really hard to turn down. And that’s mainly thanks to their crushed walnut and soft pear filling. Enhance the flavor with cinnamon, amaretto, and basil. Then bake. They are just as yummy if served warm or cold.

5. No bake sour cherry cheesecake

Don’t be deterred by the apparently long preparation time of this cake. It’s mostly refrigeration (about 3 hours). You’ll need 15 minutes tops to put together the buttery crushed cookie base and the yummy and creamy sour cherry topping. You can garnish it any way you like it, but here is a suggestion: almond flakes and even more canned sour cherries.

6. Apple bread pudding

Yeah, we know this looks good, but wait until you taste it. If you want to gobble some, first, make the base with diced bread soaked in a cinnamon and vanilla-flavored mixture of eggs and milk. Top with sweetened diced apples, bake and be happy.

7. Berry chocolate bites

Sweet, creamy, and fruity bites anyone? You can follow us in using the bain-marie technique to melt the chocolate, but you can also microwave it if you’re into quick fixes. Refreshing raspberries and blueberries add a much-welcomed sour touch to the overall chocolatey savor.

8. Rustic grape mini pies

These rustic mini pies are a dream for everyone with a sweet tooth. They’re filled with juicy grapes and even with some cream cheese. We’ve made them extra-sweet because we added sugar into the dough and powdered sugar, maple syrup, and brown sugar into the filling. So, enjoy!

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