Eggcellent Egg Recipes to Brighten Up Your Morning

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Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

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Are you very much into eggs? Especially since we’ve recently found out that they’re not as bad for your health as we had previously thought? Then try these egg recipes to celebrate the good news!

There’s nothing better than having eggs in the morning, innit? But if you’re rather bored of having them, have no fear! These egg recipes bring forth previously unknown uses for the little protein containers!

7 egg recipes to go nuts with

1. Egg in a hole sandwich

What are you in the mood for this breakfast? If you have no idea planned, let’s try this Instagram-worthy egg in a hole sandwich! It’s ready in under half an hour, it has melted cheese, and a perfectly cooked egg, all inside a crispy toast bread. Beat that!

2. Egg salad

For this salad, you can boil the eggs in advance and keep them refrigerated until the moment of the preparation. This way, the salad will be ready in less than 15 minutes. You can enjoy it even on a diet because it has almost no carbs.

3. Quinoa and broccoli egg muffins

Start your morning with these lovely-looking egg muffins. They are not sweet treats, but cheesy and delicious egg-based snacks made from pleasantly chewy quinoa and mildly crispy yet moist veggies. Whether you serve them warm or cold they’ll help you start your day in a sunny way.

4. Celery root, apple, and egg salad

Shredded celery root, leek, apple, and hard-boiled eggs all tossed together? You can say about this salad that is vegetarian and complete. And also, that it is not a salty one. Yes, because we give it a spike by quickly preparing a sweet and sour dressing.

5. Egg and salmon sandwiches

Why don’t you start your day with these deliciously creamy and colorful sandwiches? It takes about 5 minutes to mix some parsley with cream cheese into a cream which you then spread it on the toast. Top with smoked salmon, boiled egg, tomato, and broccoli sprouts.

6. Quail egg, camembert and potato bake

We should eat quail eggs more often. They’re tiny, all right, but they are so healthy. You can integrate them into your next baked potato dish, for instance, together with a lemon-flavored hot Camembert wheel. And the dish will start getting scrumptious and gooey in no time.

7. Cashew and mushroom tartlets with fried eggs

This vegetarian dish is quite low in calories, not high on carbs and has it pretty much all: it has sweet potato, mushrooms, and cashews made into basil-flavored tartlets, it has peas and it even has fried eggs. So, what are you waiting for?

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