8 Foods Served in Edible Dishes

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Have you ever eaten food so delicious that you felt like you could eat the plate, too? Ahm, anyway, we want to recommend you a few recipes where the dishes taste as good as the food they’re holding. Whether these edible dishes are baskets or cups, we assure you, they pair very well with their content.

You can easily make baskets from tortillas or grated parmesan and anyone can craft cups from puff or phyllo pastry, from fruits and even from ladyfinger biscuits or cinnamon rolls. We hope we’ve got your attention by now and if you’re ready to make your own foods served in edible dishes, jump right in and follow our steps.

8 edible dishes for your foods

1. Tortilla Baskets with Salsa Chicken

Transform your tortillas into edible baskets full of goodies. Follow our steps and craft your baskets during the deep-frying process. Then fill the tortillas with tender chicken meat mixed with sweet corn and spring onions. Top with juicy cherry tomatoes and gooey mozzarella. Spike the whole thing with salsa sauce and chili.

2. Lettuce and Egg Salad in a Parmesan Basket

If you want to serve your salad in cute-looking and delicious baskets made from fried parmesan you are at the right place. In order to fill them, we recommend a refreshing lettuce salad garnished with sun-dried tomatoes and dressed with a basil-flavored olive oily egg and garlic mixture.

3. Stuffed Lemon Baskets

Did you ever try to use lemons instead of other vegetables to form small baskets and fill them with different mixtures? If no, try this: remove the juicy pulp of the lemon and stuff it with bacon, cheese, spring onion, and some spicy peppers and then bake it! It’s something worth trying!

4. Chocolate and Raspberry Phyllo Cups

Let’s make these bites with the ever-irresistible phyllo pastry crust. It is flaky, buttery, and yummy. The extra-sweet and delicious filling is made with the melted chocolate and the raspberry jam. Top with refreshing raspberries. Once you’ve made this recipe you can fill the cups with anything that goes through your mind next time!

5. Ladyfinger Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

These are definitely not basic cupcakes, but the extra time investment is worth it. And the results will make you want to lick your fingers. Assemble the baked cupcakes by sticking the ladyfingers on them with some Nutella. Then fill them with whipped cream for a sweet but airy final touch.

6. Apple Cinnamon Roll Cups

Who’s in the mood for some cinnamon rolls? But wait, these are not your usual ones. Instead, they were our main inspiration when creating this wonderful dessert. The cups may not be that easy to make, but it’s a fun process, and you will surely enjoy it Plus, we’ve also added some butter-sauteed apples, flavored with a touch of sugar and cognac.

7. Chicken Salad Parmesan Baskets

If you want to make an impression on your friends, these salad-filled parmesan baskets will surely do the trick. The melted parmesan paired with a refreshing salad and tender chicken is simply delicious. Feel free to use parmesan baskets with all kinds of fillings.

8. Apple Puff Pastry Baskets

This is a simple dessert that takes only 30 minutes. You work 10 minutes, and the rest it’s baking time. Try these apple puff pastry baskets.

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