Eat Up Your Pizzas With These Mini Pizza Recipes

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Who said you should eat a whole big pizza at once? You certainly don’t! You don’t have to make a mess while slicing and serving it. And you don’t have to save what’s left for later either. You just need to make it smaller. Transform it into several mini pizzas.

One mini pizza or two should be just fine for some if not most of your guests. Serve your pizza in an offbeat and practical way and let yourself be inspired by these recipes because, as far as the toppings go, the possibilities are endless. So, use these recipes as a preview of what you will be cooking to your own taste after all.

6 mini pizza bites for your get-togethers

1. Mini Pizza Bites

These funny-looking bites are a tasty hybrid between savory muffins and pizza. We’re using mini tortillas for the cups and an impressive array of ingredients for the stuffing of such small guys: two types of cheese, marinara sauce, salami, chili, and oregano.

2. Pepperoni Mini Pizzas

These pepperoni mini pizzas are such a tasty snack! And they’re so easy to make, even a kid can pull them off. Instead of torturing yourself with making dough, use some good rolls and top them with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and spicy pepperoni. They’re ready in about half an hour, so they’re a quick bite also!

3. Salami, Pepper, and Bacon Assorted Mini Pizzas

If you can’t choose the toppings for your homemade pizza, we have an idea for you! Try these assorted mini pizzas, each with their topping combo!

4. Pesto and Beef Mini Pizzas

If you plan a party, you should think of making some small bites like mini tarts, skewers or these pesto and beef mini pizzas. Some cocktails are also needed for your party’s success.

5. Mini Egg Pizza

What kind of food do you enjoy the most? We have bacon, cheese, and eggs on our list. That’s why we made a pizza snack which has all of those three ingredients!

6. Polenta Mini Pizzas

Say hi to these mini-pizzas with a polenta base. Polenta and mushrooms belong together. The same is with polenta and cheese. These bites have a cheesy and smooth texture that gets a kick out of the mildly crunchy bell pepper and bacon topping. Serve them warm or cooled.

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