Dip Recipes for the Perfect Nacho Party

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Are you planning a party for the beginning of summer? So are we, really! So what’s the simplest thing you can serve? How about some chips and dips, or nachos? Maybe even vegetable sticks might work well since they’re a healthier alternative. But the idea is to check out these dip recipes and make them for your friends. They’re a game changer. 

The simple pleasures of dipping some crunchy thing into a creamy dip are what life’s all about. And parties are perfect if you just mix these two elements together. We’re here to help with these great dip recipes!

7 dip recipes for a crunchy & smooth party time

1. Avocado ranch dip

Are you fond of ranch dressing? Well, now you can try a healthier version of it, with avocado as the main ingredient. You can add yogurt, dijon mustard, some garlic, a few basil and coriander to bring it a fresh flavor. So how about that for your french fries?

2. Apple and yogurt dip

Be them nachos or chips, snacks will always benefit from the presence of a well-prepared dip. A sauce can make a whole array of dishes taste better. And they are super easy to make. Take this one, for instance. Bringing together apple, yogurt, lime, and garlic will take your snacks to a whole new level.

3. White bean dip

Whether you serve this as a dip with nachos or as a spread on toast or bread, it’s going to be a party no matter what. Make the creamy mashed beans even creamier with sour cream and add a cheesy touch with grated parmesan.

4. Cauliflower and spinach dip

Looking for the healthiest sauce to serve your salty snacks? We’ve made one for you, using spinach and cauliflower as the main ingredients. It is flavored with garlic, lemon, olive oil, and tahini, so it is filled with Mediterranean flavor. Works great with just about any snack you can think of.

5. Herbed feta dip

This herbed feta dip is full of Mediterranean flavors. Mix the classic Greek cheese with parsley, dill, mint, olive oil, and seasoning and enjoy its flavor on just about any dish you can imagine.

6. Flavored baked potatoes with yogurt dip

Even though potatoes are usually synonymous with side dishes, make a dip for them and turn them into a satisfying snack! Bake the potatoes with some oregano and basil and then serve them with this refreshing garlic Greek yogurt dip.

7. Sweet and spicy mango dip

A dip or a sauce can make the whole difference when eating or when preparing something. That mixture can make a food or a snack taste dull or exquisite. There is nothing dull in our cucumber, mango, chili, lemon dip. Make it in no time and use it with your French fries, your veggies or your favorite snacks.

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