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Cooking Spaghetti: 7 Ways to Make It Great!

Cooking Spaghetti: 7 Ways to Make It Great! Spaghetty pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce, selective focus

We love it when ingredients people use in a certain way turn out to be more versatile than anyone had thought. It's the same with cooking spaghetti. The results it yields can be so much more than the 2-3 recipes everyone seems to be using. 

Avoid the routine in your kitchen by just trying to make different things with your classic ingredients. One example is spaghetti, a type of pasta that is super popular around the world for a reason: it's easy to make and it basically goes with everything. So what do you do when you've cooked the same spaghetti and meatballs over and over, or your sauce game is becoming a routine thing? We'll give you some fresh and delicious ideas right now.

If you're struggling with breaking spaghetti in two, then find out what mathematicians can teach you.

7 fresh ways of cooking spaghetti

1. Spaghetti and spinach cake

Mess with the minds of your guests by telling them they will be serving cake for dinner! They may be intrigued at first, but when they taste the cake, they will surely be pleased. This is not your usual cake, it has spaghetti as its main ingredient, tucked in melted Cheddar cheese, and flavored with chili, sage, and brie.

2. Mushroom spaghetti in bacon nest

Don't know which bowl fits your pasta best? We found one that suits them just well. It's a nest made of.....bacon!!! Learn how to make it following our steps and fill them with your favorite pasta recipe. You will surely enjoy them.

3. Baked parmesan spaghetti

Ready for some baked parmesan spaghetti? We bake the spaghetti with a mixture of eggs, heavy cream, milk, parmesan, and tomato sauce. Then we coat the baking dish with butter and some more parmesan, for topping.

4. Spaghetti balls with heavy cream sauce

What if we changed the meatball paradigm by replacing the meat with spaghetti? Let’s create the base by mixing together cooked spaghetti, parmesan, cheddar, eggs, and heavy cream. We can then roll the balls the usual way, coat them with flour, egg wash, and breadcrumbs and fry them. Serve the spaghetti balls with a thick heavy cream sauce.

5. Cheesy chicken and spaghetti bake

You may have had chicken and spaghetti many times, but probably not like this. Next time you’re in the mood, try adding them to a baking tray, along with lots of cheese and eggs, which bind everything together. The dish is ready in under an hour, and you get an entire new plate of flavors, just waiting for you to try them!

6. Spaghetti pizza with goat cheese

Sure, you’ve probably eaten both pizza and spaghetti, but have you ever experienced them in the same dish? Make the pizza dough out of cooked spaghetti and top it with your favorite ingredients. This time, we used goat cheese, mozzarella, and the great binding agent tomato sauce. Try it and see if you like it too!

7. Bacon-wrapped spaghetti rolls

If you’re tired of the same old spaghetti with tomato sauce, here is a whole new way for you to enjoy them. Place them on a pizza-like dough, roll it up, and wrap everything in bacon. Place the roll in the oven and bake it to perfection! Everything is ready in just under half an hour!

If you're in the mood for more, then we have more for you! Check out all of our spaghetti recipes right here!



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