Coffee Recipes: Add Some Caffeine to Your Food

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For my love of coffee that’s been thoroughly documented, a hot cup of joe is not nearly enough. That’s why I’m a huge fan of coffee recipes, most of them desserts, that can improve an otherwise rainy or gloomy day. 

There are plenty of reasons coffee is good for you and maybe sometimes an espresso shot isn’t quite enough. So how about a nice, lovely, coffee-infused dessert? I’m jonesing for one right now and I might just go and make it right after I’m done running through these lovely coffee recipes for you.

6 coffee recipes to bring you sweet relief

1. Sugar-glazed coffee biscuits

These sugar-glazed coffee biscuits are just perfect to try and bake as a snack! They’re made from a sweet, soft dough, in which we’ve added some nice, crunchy pecans. Plus, the coffee, sugar, and maple syrup glaze are a combo to die for! And, to make things even better, you can serve them with crushed pistachios on top.

2. Chocolate and coffee muffins

Chocolate and coffee is a delicious combo, that we just couldn’t say no to. Especially if it comes in the form of a delicious muffin. You can try these muffins and we guarantee they will not disappoint you. If they’re not sweet enough for you, you can serve them with a touch of sugar glaze on top.

3. Chocolate and coffee mousse

Coffee and chocolate is a terrific combo, definitely a match made in heaven. This was our main idea when creating this dessert. It uses few ingredients, it takes a very short amount of time to make, and we find its presentation exquisite.

4. Coffee and peanut butter chia pudding

Flavored with coffee, cocoa, and peanut butter, this is probably one of our favorite chia pudding recipes. Also, with no milk added, it is perfect for when you’re on a dairy-free diet. You can try serving it with lots of toppings like pistachio, banana, coconut flakes, jam… you name it!

5. Coffee cake muffins

With a crisp coffee flavor, these delicious muffins sure deserve to be tried at home. Another highlight is the delicious buttery crumble on top, which gives them a lot of layered flavor and texture. Plus, coffee and cinnamon are an amazing combo of aromas.

6. Coffee-crusted beef steak with warm salad

Have you ever imagined to put together beef and coffee? It’s not a classic combo, but, trust us, it’s a worthy one! Pair the coffee-crusted beef steak with a light warm salad for a fresh touch!

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