5 Recipes of Coffee Cookies – the Sweets That Go Best With Your Coffee

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There are some types of cookies out there that seem like they were meant to be served with coffee. The coffee cookies are crumbly and/or crunchy, they are rather dry and sometimes fudgy. What’s more, some of them are perfectly suitable to be consumed by dunking them into your cup of coffee.

This trend started in the Near-East a long time ago and you should give it a try. So, next time when you drink your coffee have ready some of these guys on a saucer. But enough talking, let’s meet THE coffee cookies!

Serve these coffee cookies with a cup of Java

1. Turkish Coffee Shortbread Cookies

These cookies come straight from Turkish cuisine, although they are not over-sweet, as most Turkish sweets are. So prepare the cardamom and chocolate chips and never throw away your coffee grounds again. They are perfect when served as intended; over coffee, that is.


2. Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are some of our favorites! Their crunchy texture and buttery flavor make them really popular, but adding some pecan nuts into the mix takes things to a whole new level. Make sure you bake plenty of these because they will run out in no time!


3. Cocoa Fudge Cookies

Mildly fudgy on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. This is how you can best describe the texture of these simple cookies. To make them fudgy add more fat and not too much flour. Want more fudginess? Supplement the cocoa powder with chocolate and, maybe, keep the baking powder out.


4. Oat Flake and Carrot Cookies

Let’s use rye flour for these cookies. Add pleasantly crunchy oat flakes and grated carrots into the mixture. Spike it with ginger and make them irresistibly crunchy by bringing crumbled walnuts into the sweet game. There is, however, one risk in all this: that you prepare too few of these brittle and delicious bites.


5. Pistachio and Sesame Vanilla Cookies (Barazek)

Coming right from Syria and Jordan and probably having older roots, the Barazek cookies are popular during social gatherings. Flavor the dough with vanilla and add some red wine vinegar to really give it a boost. It helps in gluten development. Coat the cookies with delicious and crunchy pistachios and sesame seeds. So, if you feel like drinking coffee, why not give a try to these guys?


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