10 Christmas Recipes to Get on Santa’s (So) Nice List

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Christmas Chocolate Cookies

Joy to the world and joy to you, people, because we’ve put together a list of Christmas recipes with some of our best pieces. So, try your hand with some of these yourselves and we promise that you’ll bring the feasting to a whole new level.

We’ve chosen both sweet and savory dishes. On the savory part, you’ll meet the turkey, pork, roasted veggies, THE Christmas sauce (see here a few ideas on how to use your extra cranberry sauce) and other such goodies. For the sweet tooth, you’ll find cakes, cookies, and caramel-coated pears. Now that you, your family, and friends will gather around the Christmas dinner table pretty soon, we hope that you’ll find here the inspiration for your own Christmas dinner.

10 Christmas recipes to feast upon

1. Turkey Filled Pork Roast

A celebration like Christmas really deserves some good food. And this pork roast right here surely is worthy of a celebration. It’s juicy and packed full of flavor, and plus it has a delicious filling that definitely elevates the product. You’ll have the work your way around the pork shoulder, but we guarantee it is totally worth it.


2. Stuffed Turkey Breast with Apple and Cranberry Hot Sauce

Even though they host Thanksgiving at their place, some people aren’t that much into following the whole tradition shebang. We get that: stuffing and then roasting a huge turkey implies a whole lot of elbow grease. If you’re one of them, try some of our just-some-parts-of-the-turkey recipes. This turkey breast stuffed with cooked veggies is topped with a special sauce made with cooked apple and cranberries.


3. Baked Butternut Squash with Cranberry and Honey Sauce

Baked butternut squash is so delicious! Don’t you think? Of course, we can be playful and experiment with building on its already tasty flavor. So, let’s make a sweet sauce from cranberries and honey. Also, nothing stops us to spice it up by adding red wine vinegar and garnishing it with feta cheese.


4. Mascarpone and Cranberry Stuffed Turkey Roll

If you want to enjoy a healthy piece of meat, but you’re bored with grilling or broiling, try to oven-bake it! But not as is! Our suggestion is to roll the meat and filling it with some good stuffing. Choose lean meat, like turkey, and make this sweet and sour filling with mascarpone and cranberries. A nice addition would be a fresh pesto sauce on top!


5. Waldorf Salad with Tuna and Sunflower Seeds

We felt the need for a hearty salad around here and someone came with the idea: the Waldorf salad (like in Waldorf-Astoria). We settled for a nut-free version of it and we substituted the walnuts with sunflower seeds. We added yummy tuna and dressed everything with yogurt instead of mayo.


6. Christmas Carrot Cake

Pretty easy to make and packed full of flavor, this carrot cake is perfect to be in the center of your Christmas meal table. Your guests may be full of chocolate so a refreshing spiced-up cake may be just the right thing to serve after a heavy meal. We’ve really enjoyed the raisins and walnuts that give an excellent flavor to the dough.


7. Caramel Coated Pears

Soaked in our homemade caramel sauce, these pears may not actually be diet-friendly, but, it’s Christmas so we can indulge in our guilty pleasures. The caramel is nice, tender, and decadent, and it is the perfect coating for the pears. They’re ready in around 45 minutes.


8. Gingerbread with Maple Icing

Christmas without gingerbread? No way! Flavor them fully with gingerbread spice mix and vanilla, but really, you can use any spices of your choosing. In this case, you wouldn’t miss cinnamon, nutmeg, or star anise, would you? For this amount of dough, you’ll most certainly need to prepare your cookies in batches. It’s going to be a party after all!


9. Chocolate Log with Raspberries

This chocolatey sweet treat means Christmas and basically is a cake roulade. It is also known as a Yule Log and if you haven’t prepared it until now, well, it’s time you do it. It’s all chocolate and cocoa. Add them when you prepare your smooth and elastic dough and when garnishing the log. Save most of the whipped cream, together with the raspberries, to fill this delight.


10. Chocolate Toffee Bars

For this Christmas, let your family enjoy these wonderful homemade chocolate bars. Topped with almonds, pecans, and a chocolate crust, they’re bound to become a holiday sensation!


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