12 Recipes for This Christmas Dinner Menu

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Ho, ho, ho! Behold these Christmas dinner menu suggestions for this year’s ultimate feast. Just browse through our selections and get inspiration for each of your Christmas dinner courses.

Create your own Christmas dinner menu by choosing from 2 starters, 6 main-dishes (including one for the vegetarians), 2 desserts, and 2 drinks. Just prepare yourselves, because we’ll do some serious roasting, baking, and glazing here.

12 recipes more than nice for the Christmas dinner menu


1. Pull-Apart Christmas Tree

Pulling apart your Christmas tree has never been so fun. Especially when it consists of warm, savory balls filled with melting mozzarella. Also, for an even better flavored one we’ve glazed it with a delicious mix of melted butter, parmesan, and herbs. It was just: WOW!


2. Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Jam Tartlets

Need a good starter to boost the appetite for this years’ Christmas dinner? We recommend these delicious tartlets with chicken, brie, and cranberry jam. They lean a bit toward the gourmet side, but if you have some pretentious guests dropping by, they will really be enjoyed!



3. Roasted Pork Neck with Red Pepper Glaze

Sniff, sniff … This smells like the holiday season. Glaze this pork neck with savory-sweet red pepper paste. This adds a lot of flavor to your pork. And when you roast it throw some garlic and rosemary into the baking pan and let them do their thing. The sky is the limit on the number of side dishes you can serve with this pork roast. That’s your choice.


4. Pan-Fried Smoked Trout with Brussels Sprouts and Creamy Sauce

Roll up your sleeves for the next 45 or so minutes. After cleaning your fish, we’ll smoke it using a baking pot, some sawdust, and the kitchen blowtorch. Then we’re going to do some pan searing and frying, not to mention the bleaching. We’ll be left with delicious and aromatic tender trout fillets. And Brussels sprouts. Serve them with a creamy buttery sauce spiked with lime. It’s totally worth the effort.


5. Turkey Filled Pork Roast

A celebration like Christmas really deserves some good food, right? This pork roast here surely is worth the celebration. It’s juicy and packed with flavors, but there’s more. It has a delicious filling that definitely elevates the product. You’ll have to work your way around the pork shoulder, but we guarantee it is totally worth it.


6. Roast Chicken with Apple and Grape Stuffing

Our roasted chicken can very easily be a Christmas dish. We stuffed it in a twofold manner. First, we filled it right under its skin, with a sweet and salty mix made with honey, walnuts and goat cheese. Then we’ve stuffed it the old way with some apples and red grapes. De-li-cious!


7. Cinnamon Pork Tenderloin and Raisin Couscous

When you’re putting together your menu for Christmas dinner, think of this recipe as a perfect main course. This fried and baked pork tenderloin with couscous really brings on the extra flavors and textures: raisins, lemon zest, salt, pepper, mint leaves, and lemon juice. Work on the meat first and also flavor it with cinnamon and cumin powder.


8. Potato, Bean and Olive Salad

You know Christmas is all about those delicious meals with your family when you get to indulge in all those delicious meats. But for those of you who want to stick to a vegetarian diet, we have some solutions. Make this hearty potato, red beans, and olive salad to get your share of veggies. It’s extra good served with a few pickles.



9. Christmas Cinnabons

Save yourself a few extra bucks by making at home these delicious cinnabons. Since it’s winter, their warm, soft texture, and strong cinnamon flavor will make them a much-desired Christmas treat. Share them with your friends and family because they will be a delight!


10. No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake in a Glass

25 minutes at most! This is how much time you need to prepare this stylish Christmas dessert in a glass. Technically these are mini no-bake cakes served in parfait glasses or what have you. Fill those glasses with buttery creamy Oreo mixture flavored with peppermint extract and enhanced with white chocolate and whipped cream. Regarding the garnishing, let your creativity run wild. Melted chocolate, stick candies, more cookies, sprinkles … This kind of stuff.



11. How to Make Eggnog

If you’re having a Christmas party this year, you can’t go wrong with some traditional drinks to go with it. If you’re looking for a traditional item, learn how to make eggnog right now. This one definitely has alcohol in it, so it’s really not for children!

12. Winter Punch

Guests are dropping by your place this Christmas? We know you have your food all figured out, but you also have to treat them with a nice drink. You can make them our recipe for winter punch! It’s got lots of winter flavors and the best thing about it is that it is alcohol-free, so even your kids will enjoy it!



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