The Best Cheesecake Recipes for Sweet Moments and Memories

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The Best Cheesecake Recipes for Sweet Moments

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Are you crazy about cheesecake? We know we are! That’s why we have made so many cheesecake recipes on the site, exploring this amazing dish in many different ways and we urge you to do the same. 

Cheesecake might be my favorite dessert. And a favorite dessert is always something difficult for me to decide on. I have tried so many cheesecake recipes over the years, with so many toppings and variants on the crumble below. Some of them are of the ‘no-bake’ variety, others are glazed and wrapped. And finally, some of them are dairy-free, if you have an intolerance to dairy or are just embracing a vegan lifestyle.

For any diet or flavor preference, we’ve got you covered in the list of cheesecake recipes below.

8 cheesecake recipes you just have to try

1. Pineapple and mango cheesecake recipe

Try this delicious dessert on a special day. Or make a day special by cooking this cheesecake. You don’t need sugar for this one. For the filling, make a creamy vanilla-flavored cheesecake sweetened with maple syrup. When mixing, use whipping cream, too, for a fluffier texture. For the topping use a refreshing mango and pineapple glaze.

2. Peanut butter cheesecake with Oreo crust

This peanut butter cheesecake with Oreo crust is one of the best desserts we’ve ever cooked! Make it the day before you want to enjoy it because it’s better if you keep it in the fridge overnight!

3. Meringue and berry cheesecake

A crunchy base and creamy filling is the time-tested formula for cheesecake perfection. Add on top of the buttery biscuit base a smooth and refreshing vanilla-flavored berry mixture. And don’t say no to a touch of lemon. Add a French twist by topping it with meringue cream. Spend around 10 minutes preparing it; the remaining time is refrigeration time.

4. Rhubarb-wrapped pineapple cheesecake

This lovely-looking cheesecake makes for a great creamy dessert. The rhubarb strips’ sour tang is a welcome addition to the cake’s sweetness. Its mascarpone and whipped cream filling, upgraded by juicy pineapple, is rich and refreshing.

5. Avocado lime cheesecake

We all love a good, creamy slice of cheesecake. But what happens if you’re lactose intolerant or have other reasons for banishing dairy from your diet? Then you can make this ‘fake’ lime avocado cheesecake and still enjoy yourself!

6. Vanilla cheesecake topped with fresh berries

This cheesecake requires only one hour of your time and a few simple ingredients like biscuits, cream cheese, and lime zest. Though it looks decadently delicious and might be a bit intimidating for some, in fact, it can be done in the warmth of your kitchen with great results. Follow the steps!

7. Oreo chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate fans everywhere, gather round! This Oreo chocolate cheesecake is full of flavor, and it is the perfect dessert to cook for someone special! The cheese really brings out the flavor of chocolate, and the Oreo base really can’t do any harm!

8. Cheesecake in a jar

You’re at the office and you’re hungry? We know the feeling! You can eat something good for lunch, but to us, the meal isn’t complete without dessert! Make at home a cheesecake in a glass jar, take it to work, and keep it in the refrigerator until noon.



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