Bok Choy Recipes – a Leafy Green to Add to Almost Anything

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Although it’s considered a kind of Chinese cabbage, bok choy strikes us as something in between cabbage and lettuce. As you would expect, this leafy green is a rich source of some of the most important vitamins (A, B6, B9, C, K) and calcium. We’ve put together a list of bok choy recipes for you.

Using bok choy does not mean you should simply try to reproduce Asian cuisine recipes containing this leafy green. You should endeavor to integrate it into other dishes too, as we did; for example into a Middle Eastern cuisine-inspired tabbouleh salad. See what you end up with. But for now, find inspiration yourself in what we ended up with, in the following bok choy recipes.

7 bok choy recipes to make

1. Tabbouleh, Bok Choy And Fig Salad

Let’s give this Tabbouleh salad an interesting Chinese touch with lemony and buttery sauteed bok choy. Spike this multi-cultural salad with jalapeno, chili, and lemon. Do not forget to add some figs, for a sweet touch.

2. Fried Tofu With Bok Choy

Inspired from Japanese cuisine, this fried tofu cooked with a light side of bok choy leaves is a great idea for a light meal. It’s great because it brings you surprising new flavors, and it’s also a recipe that you can cook quickly, without much of a fuss. Plus, marinating the tofu with plum sauce, sweet chili, and soy sauce, takes it way into another taste dimension.

3. Asian Vegetable Soup

You can always count on Asian cuisine to be full of fresh, simple ingredients, paired with spicy, intense flavors. Try making this warm, cozy soup, with plenty of Asian greens, and a few spices to bring out that nice, exotic flavor. It’s ready in just half an hour, so it’s also a quick meal!

4. Warm Bok Choy And Seafood Salad

No ideas on what to cook tonight? No worries, because we have a quick and healthy recipe right here. It has 3 different types of seafood (squid, baby octopus, and shrimp), served in a warm bok choy salad, with a few cherry tomatoes, flavored with honey, soy sauce, and chili. It may seem a simple dish, but it brings together lots of different flavors and it balances them very well.

5. Kung Pao Pork

Planning an Asian-inspired dinner tonight? We suggest you keep it simple and try a classic, but really delicious dish: Kung Pao Pork! Try making it with pork neck, which is a lot more tender than other pork cuts!

6. Fried Egg Sandwiches

Sandwiches are always a good option for breakfast because they are quick to make! And you can mix all kinds of ingredients and tastes without too much effort! In order to overcome boredom, you can try to alternate the sandwich filling. Those below have a variety of aromas just waiting to be tried out!

7. Hot And Spicy Bok Choy

If you need to make a quick side dish for a spicy dinner, we recommend healthy bok choy greens cooked to perfection with a multitude of powerful flavors. The ginger, garlic, chili paste, and paprika powder work together to make your meal an absolute pleasure.


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