5 Blender Recipes for a Full-Course Meal

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Can you imagine yourself trying to make a really creamy dish and not having a blender at your disposal? This is THE kitchen appliance everyone uses for the smoothest of dishes like purees, cream soups, spreads, porridges, smoothies, and various mixtures meant for other types of savory dishes and even for desserts. Blender recipes, in other words!

Watch us while we’re using our stationary blender and our brave immersion ‘smoothie & puree maker’! We’re making for you an appetizer, a soup, a main course, and a double dessert. Is this a full-course meal made of blender recipes, or what?

Puree Everything with These Blender Recipes

1. Lamb Liver Pate With Garlic Glaze

This is just a 30-minute job but be patient while it refrigerates overnight. It is mainly a starter but can be very well served as a snack. It is buttery in the most exquisite way and mildly hot from the garlic and pepper added in the pate and in the glaze. When serving it, you can enhance its smooth texture with the crunchy almond flake topping.


2. Spinach Cream Soup With Bacon

Spinach soup with bacon, anyone? The creamy kind of soup served with oven-baked bacon strips, that is. We’ll show you a trick on how to make the bacon strips retain their form after being in the hot oven. Will you eat your soup now?


3. Salmon and Sweet Corn Porridge

Never say no to a good old porridge! And always try to make that porridge better by reinventing it, changing it, or adding something to it. Like we did here with this hearty combo based on pulled salmon and pureed sweet corn.


4. Mango and Pistachio Mousse

What if we brought together one cup of creamy mascarpone cheese with velvety juicy mango and crunchy pistachios? What if we’d sweeten everything with xylitol (for your teeth), flavor with rum, garnish with red currants, and serve in glasses? What do you think will happen then? What?!


5. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

If you don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing complicated desserts, here’s an idea of something quick! Note down this recipe: banana chocolate chip muffins. In 15 minutes, you will have a very special dessert.


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