The Best Quacking Duck Recipes You Can Make Right Now

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If you’re thinking of having a more diverse menu or are preparing a special dinner, then why not try to make some duck recipes? When cooked properly, the meat is absolutely delicious and it’s an experience to remember. 

The first time I tried a duck dish, I had traveled for work and staying at a posh hotel in London. The dish was amazing and I haven’t forgotten it since. But repeating that meal isn’t exactly an option for me, right? That’s why I’m quite interested in trying some duck recipes at home and see if I can recreate the magic on my own. These are the dishes I am most interested in trying soon. If you want to join me in that, be my guest!

6 delicious duck recipes to make at home

1. White wine-baked duck legs with cabbage salad

Baking the duck meat with onion and white wine results in a savory meal. Serve the duck on a crunchy and refreshing red and white cabbage salad enhanced with a lemony olive oil dressing.

2. Duck bobotie with apricot jam

This South-African dish is basically a casserole where meat is baked together with moist milk-soaked bread and topped with custard. Our bobotie uses cubed fat duck meat. We cook it with sweet raisins and flavor with curry powder. We wanted to increase the sweetness factor, so we added some apricot jam between the layers of goodness.

3. Spicy clementine-stuffed roast duck

This duck’s skin gets irresistibly crispy as we roast it for 2 hours. The meat itself remains juicy, which is deliciously enhanced by the moist clementine stuffing. A good choice is to heavily spice the duck. This spicy coating mixes with the melting fat and together will make your palate feel on the top of the world.

4. Bacon-wrapped duck breast with caramelized nectarines

Prepare yourself for a sophisticated dish. It’s meaty and hearty, and quite decadent. Sear the bacon-wrapped duck breast, taking care to flavor it with garlic, olive oil, and rosemary. Then bake it. For a buttery sweet side, caramelize nectarine wedges.

5. Duck leg with sweet potato mash

Super-tender duck meat and smooth sweet potato mash are a great combo for special occasions. The latter’s mild sweetness and the juicy duck cooked with ham and flavored with herbs and lemon zest would be better described as marvelous.

6. Orange-flavored roasted duck

Duck and oranges make for a famous worldwide combo, and now we know why. Sure, you can enjoy a famous recipe like duck a l’orange, but you can also enjoy a nice whole roasted duck, filled with some orange slices. Try it for this holiday season, because it’s perfect for sharing.






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