Get Your Nutrient Fill With These Beet Recipes

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Beets are incredibly nutritious and versatile and their flavor is really something special. That’s why you should have as much as them as possible in your meals. And we have some ideas for you. Try these beet recipes right away!

My love affair with beets started in Greece, with this amazing salad that took the rooty veggies and cooked them (with stalks and fronds too), together with some lentils, red onion, and creamy goat cheese. That was a true revelation and it made me realize that I had been having beets all wrong all my life when there are so many possibilities for that!

If you’re interested in the special beet experience, then join us and discover a new culinary world.

8 beet recipes you just have to try

1. Walnut, beetroot and goat cheese tart

Who is in for a salty tart? Flavored pastry can be quite phenomenal. Onion cooked in butter with thyme, white wine, beets, goat cheese, and walnuts, they all bring their own kick-ass flavors in this fabulous tart. Don’t miss out on this, cook it asap!

2. Beetroot and leek cream soup

Beetroot is one of the healthiest veggies on the market, and we recommend serving it as often as possible. It is an excellent source of potassium and magnesium, helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol. We’ve made a cozy soup using it as the main ingredient, along with leek and onion, and seasoned it with rosemary and cumin.

2. Sous-vide rack of lamb with beetroot mash

Juicy lamb racks coated with a crunchy parsley mixture and served with a potato and beetroot mash. What a treat! As is customary in the case of lamb you should use a lot of spices and herbs. Add them into the vacuum pouch together with the lamb and they will transfer their whole aroma to the meat. Don’t forget to add some tangy rose wine, too.

3. One-pan beetroot and carrot roasted chicken thighs

Roasted chicken thighs can make your mouth water, but you can enhance them even more. You can easily add more flavor and color to the meat with beetroot, carrots, and fennel. And if their aromas get joined by rosemary, orange juice, and hot chili you’re in for a treat.

4. Salmon cured in beetroot and horseradish

Aside from the 36 hours needed to cure the salmon, this dish should only take 15 minutes of your time tops. But it’ll definitely be worth the wait. Let’s build on the traditional gravlax curing mixture of salt, sugar, and dill by tossing juicy beetroot and spiking the whole thing with horseradish, lemon, and vodka. The oily salmon meat will wonderfully borrow these flavors.

5. Walnut and beetroot salad

Let’s not get scared by the cooking time here. Of the 75 minutes or so necessary for putting together this tasty salad, 55 minutes are for roasting the beetroot. This lets you easily peel it. Moreover, your beetroot gets smooth-textured and mildly and irresistibly sweet. Upgrade it by tossing crumbled walnuts together with other vegetable goodies.

6. Beet fritters

Inspired by the Swiss dish rosti, we bring you a nice appetizer to please your vegetarian friends. These easy fritters are made with beets and potatoes, and they’re delicious when served with heavy cream sauce on top. Sure, they’re not the quickest snack you’ll find, but they’re definitely worth the wait.

7. Chicken curry and beetroot rice

This chicken curry with beetroot rice is a savory dish, with lots of different flavors. It tastes great and also looks wonderful on the plate. Beetroot is well-known as a natural food coloring, giving the rice an intriguing color. Also, cardamom, curry paste, and coconut milk make this dish a truly complete experience for your taste buds.

8. Egg and beetroot burgers

Are you ready for something that’s out of the box but also in a patty form? Try this egg and beetroot patty idea and you won’t regret it! It’s perfectly complemented by the lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise, parmesan, and pepper. You’ve definitely never had burgers like these!


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