5 Bacon Soup Recipes to Help You Through the Winter

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bacon soup

Waiting for the spring, already? Give it time, it will come. In the meantime, you could add some good old bacon to your soups. Meet our bacon soup recipes!

You can happily pair the bacon with omelet strips, sausage meat, potatoes, and butternut squash, as you’ll see below. We’d say it is better to eat a bacon soup while still fresh, or, perhaps, 1 day-old, 2 at most. Unless you don’t like rubbery things, that is. And of course, you should eat these soups hot.

Fight the cold with bacon soup

1. Omelet Soup with Smoked Bacon and Lettuce

This might look like tripe soup at first glance. But no cow stomach was used here. We prepared a delicious low-carb omelet soup, where the omelet strips deliciously combine with julienned smoked bacon, lettuce, and sour cream.

omelet soup with smoked bacon

2. Creamy Potato and Bacon Soup

This creamy potato and bacon soup is hearty, savory, and on top of all, delicious! It is thick and creamy because it has no added water or stock, so you can feel the full flavor of bacon and potatoes. You can easily make it in just about 1 hour, and it works great with a touch of spring onion on top.


3. Squash and Bacon Soup

This soup falls perfectly in the ‘meal for cold weather’ or ‘comfort food’ categories. Build it up with chicken stock and heavy cream, then add the squash and glorious bacon. Don’t forget the onion cooked in butter. Eat this and the weather won’t seem like such a burden anymore.


4. Tuscan Soup

The Tuscan soup is rich and meaty and can easily be regarded as a one-dish meal. Indeed, the protein-rich sausage meat and bacon, the hearty potatoes, the heavy cream, and kale leaves have pretty much all that is needed for a balanced meal. A seriously nutritious dish, Italian style.


5. Squash and Bacon Cream Soup

It’s hard to resist the crisp-smooth play or the salty vs. sweet game on a plate or in a bowl. This is what we’ve got here, where an ultra-smooth and sweet butternut squash blend, mixed with heavy cream, play so well together with the crispy, salty fried bacon. We feel that it’s quite irresistible.


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