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12 Bacon Recipes Because We Know You Love It

Bacon and Avocado Sushi Rolls

Who says that bacon always has to sit around next to sunny side up eggs on the plate? Let us introduce it to other ingredients as well! Here are some bacon recipes that are definitely (some of) our favorites. 

I can never get enough bacon. Who can, really? The sheer joy of biting into a crispy strip of the stuff is unparalleled to me. That's why I gathered some bacon recipes for you too, so that we can feel all of the joy together.

12 bacon recipes to love! 

1. Bacon cheese balls with apple and cucumber

If you’re searching for some funny-looking bites to impress the guests at your next get-together, look no further. These creamy-crunchy fried bacon and goat cheese mini-balls will surely get some attention. Serve them as tapas with cucumber and apple.

2. Bacon and Cheddar jalapeno rolls

You should try these not-for-the faint-hearted starters for your next party. If you want to leave your guests in awe, that is. These rolls have 3 types of cheese, fried bacon and pungent jalapeno in them. Serve them with a white sauce and if these guys are not hot enough for you, add some chili flakes to the sauce, too.

3. Bacon and avocado sushi rolls

Feeling playful and hungry? Then let’s build on the classic sushi rolls to get something more decadent. So, pair the sushi rice, avocado, and cucumber with the ever-delicious bacon. Having other sushi ideas? Don’t hesitate to put them into practice.

4. Broccoli tagliatelle with chicken and bacon

Is this a hearty complete meal, or what? It surely is, because you pair the tagliatelle pasta with tender chicken breast and even with some bacon. Complete with a creamy buttery broccoli sauce and enjoy.

5. Onion and bacon-wrapped cheesy meatballs

If these look mega-delicious, well, you should know that they truly are. They are meaty and cheesy, well suited for a Keto diet, they are fun to make, and you need a relatively short span of time to prepare them. Use uncured bacon, ground beef, organic parmesan, and mozzarella and follow our steps.

6. Bacon and leek frittata

Make your breakfast count with a hearty and nutritious frittata, omelet’s Italian cousin. Fat and protein-rich, gluten-free, and low-carb, it’s the perfect day start for someone going on a Keto diet. Sharpen it a bit with lemon, flavor with thyme and share.

7. Lemony ghee scallops with bacon

Zinc, Phosphorus, vitamin B12, to name just a few, are all brought to you by the scallops. Moreover, this nutritious sea-food is extremely easy to prepare. Actually, in the 20 minutes needed for the bacon to bake itself in the oven, you can very easily pan-fry the scallops in clarified butter and put together a lemony ghee sauce for them.

8. Cheesy beef meatballs in tomato sauce with bacon

Let’s put on your table hearty and cheesy beef meatballs made with parmesan, eggs, and oat bran. Add some veggies into the mixture, too and do some baking. After that, cook them in a rich tomato sauce thickened with mushrooms and bacon. What about that?

9. Bacon-wrapped cheesy prunes

Beware! These decadent bites are extremely delicious. Fried bacon rolls wrapped around cheese-stuffed prunes can turn you into a greedy gobbler. To make things even more delicious pair the sweet-tart prunes and crispy salty bacon with a sharp honey sauce.

10. Bacon-wrapped asparagus

Crispy asparagus wrapped in delicious bacon for everyone! Either as a starter or a side-dish, these low-carb guys are not only fun-looking but also incredibly delicious. As a serving suggestion, pair them with fried eggs.

11. Ricotta, bacon, and Brussels sprouts pizza

OK, so you bought yourself a pizza dough and now you want a quick pizza. What to do? We say, pan-cook it first, for a crispier crust. Top it with delicious sauteed Brussel sprouts and bacon and with two types of cheese that will ensure the gooey factor. Then do some baking and enjoy it.

12. Chicken, bacon, and potato stew

You just stumbled upon a warming and satisfying stew for the whole family. You need to first sear the chopped chicken breast before cooking it with the veggies. Pan-cooking all the ingredients together until the beef stock is reduced will let the aromas and flavors mingle. The result is a meaty savory dinner.

I’m a pop culture nerd who thinks too much about fried bacon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and life, the Universe and everything. I love food and sometimes you can see that on my hips, but I don't care that much about that.
What I do care more about is trying to eat healthier, even though I admit that I like to indulge in my food fantasies. I’m addicted to puns, so forgive me for that when you read my articles. I now know too much about nutrition to be fun to hang out with. So long and thanks for all the fish-based omega-3 fatty acids.

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