5 Recipes Inviting You to Roast This Fall’s Produce

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No matter how you use these recipes, either as side dishes next to the meat or as stand-alone vegetarian ones, oven-roasted veggies (or fruits for that matter) are a hallmark of the Fall, in particular. And we’re not planning to let this Fall pass, without doing some roasting. Of course not.

What’s more, roasting veggies is one of those cooking techniques where you do little but get incredibly finger-licking results in return. A no-brainer that turns anybody into a chef. Ahem, or something around there… Now let’s get started by preheating that trusted oven of yours.

5 Roasting Recipes with Fall Fruits and Vegetables

1. Roasted Veggie Mix

Looking for a nice side dish, with low amounts of fat and carbs? We recommend preparing a mix of your favorite veggies, pouring a small drizzle of olive oil over them, and cooking them in the oven. We’ve made our favorite mix with cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and broccolini.


2. Roasted Eggplant and Bell Pepper Salad

What do you need to make a nice, savory salad? Just a few veggies, roasted in the oven. We’ve thought of eggplant, and bell pepper, and we’ve mixed them with a delicious balsamic dressing, flavored with a touch of garlic.


3. Roasted Cabbage and Cauliflower

Roasted veggies are sublime! Try using cabbage leaves filled with cauliflower florets and topped with cherry tomatoes, some greenies, and more cabbage, shredded this time. You’ll end up with the perfect crunchy and smoky vegan dish, or with a wonderful side dish, for that matter. Don’t skip the spicing step.


4. Roasted Veggies With Pecans

This colorful side dish or even main course is not only easy to make but also very tasty. The roasted veggies are super crunchy, yet they keep their wonderful juices. And to make things even crispier in the kitchen, we brought in some wonderfully roasted pecans.


5. Roasted Eggplant Fan

If you’re planning on keeping a vegetarian diet, write down this recipe in your cookbook. It features eggplants, tomatoes, sweet pepper, and red onions combined in a very creative way! To spice things up, you can add mozzarella to your veggies. It binds the vegetables together and enhances the taste.


Looking for roasting tips? In here! And in here!

Did we mention you can make your own chips, this way, too?!

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