10 Baguette Recipes to Test Your French

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Baked Cheese Omelet Baguette

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A baguette (French for ‘wand’) can make a lot of useful things for you: it can hold your salad, it can mimic a hot dog, and it can help you start a new glorious day. However, this is not all this crisp-crusted French bread has in store for you as you’ll see in the next 10 baguette recipes.

When it comes to food, the baguette and its smaller cousin, the demi-baguette, are truly magic wands, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just check out the baguette recipes below and you’ll find out, among other things, how you can cook an omelet or bake eggs inside a baguette, what can you stuff into a baguette, and how you can wrap one in bacon, the mother of all meats.

Enjoy the sound of crunch with these baguette recipes

1. Baked Cheese Omelet Baguette

It happened to all of us: you don’t know what food to make for a special brunch. And maybe you feel like an omelet or a baguette. How about you make something that has both? Make two baked cheese omelet baguettes, for you and that special someone, and enjoy your brunch.

Baked Cheese Omelet Baguette

2. Red Cabbage and Pickle Baguette Hot Dog

Let’s put together some home-made street food (pun intended). Make your own hot dog, only this time use a demi-baguette. Also add a hot and deliciously sour mildly crunchy mixture of red cabbage, pickle, chili, and whole grain mustard.

Red Cabbage and Pickle Baguette Hot Dog

3. Beef-Stuffed French Bread

Say you’re in the mood for a few small one-bite open sandwiches made with baguette slices. And you’re not afraid to do some basic cooking, that is. You can pan-fry beef sirloin, stuff it inside a half baguette, flavor everything with garlic, bake it, and THEN slice the bread. How about that! Are you in?

Beef-Stuffed French Bread

4. Egg Salad Baguettes

Egg salad is a perfect dish for large family gatherings. But, if you want to change things up a bit this year, keep the recipe, but try a different serving style. Like these egg salad baguettes. So, this time, wake up a little earlier, head to your local bakery, and buy some warm baguettes.

Egg Salad Baguettes

5. Baked Egg Baguettes

Who could say no to some delicious runny yolks? They taste like heaven, and there are lots of creative ways in which you can serve them. For example, try oven-baking them in a baguette, along with a touch of melted butter and some cooked spinach and bresaola. And let’s not forget about the mozzarella. Without it, they just wouldn’t be the same.

Baked Egg Baguettes

6. Bacon-Wrapped Salami Baguette

If you want to introduce your friends to the ultimate sandwich, this is the recipe you should go for! It has all the ingredients to make it an all-time favorite: crispy bacon, melting mozzarella, and salami. Just try it, we promise everyone will be impressed.

Bacon-Wrapped Salami Baguette

7. Salami Mozzarella Baguette

It takes less than 15 minutes to make a crispy snack for you and your friends. What’s more, a baguette bread filled with mozzarella and salami is a smart and tasty choice when you are in a hurry.

Salami Mozzarella Baguette

8. Meatball Breakfast Baguette

Busy day at work? Make this satisfying meatball sandwich for breakfast. It will take more than half an hour, but it will help you to conquer hunger until noon.

Meatball Breakfast Baguette

9. Cheese and Prosciutto Crudo Baguette Sandwich

If you are a fan of sandwiches, try this cheese and prosciutto crudo baguette. It’s easy to make, and it will energize you and fill you up for hours to come!

Cheese and Prosciutto Crudo Baguette Sandwich

10. Chicken Salad Sandwiches

With chicken, celery, a few cranberries, and apple, this salad is perfect as a party snack or breakfast. We’ve tucked in a rich mayo and yogurt sauce, and we’ve served it as a sandwich, in a crispy baguette. Just perfect to start the day!

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

If you want to upgrade to the next level then you should try to make your own baguettes. Here’s how:

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