This App Compares the Cheapest and Fastest Food Delivery Services All at Once

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Decluttering our lives and getting our zen on in the name of simplicity and minimal peace is always a good thing, ask Marie Kondo and her fans. Streamlining and trimming the fat has always been good, especially when it comes to the white noise of delivery apps these days. Sure, variety and choices are a simple pleasure, but having to toggle between Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Caviar can be a bit much when you’re hungry and need a quick solution to your stomach’s grumbles.

Enter MealMe, an app started by co-founders Matthew Bouchner and Will Said, that aggregates the major food delivery apps in one, all while finding the cheapest and fastest delivery for every restaurant local to you. Such a premise — think of it as how Kayak and Priceline are to the travel industry — is a genius concept applied to the food space, especially in a pandemic-ravaged restaurant industry that has relied on food delivery apps heavily in the past year.

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Use of the app is super easy, acting as a veritable search engine for food and offering up the best deals, fastest delivery times, and most savings as results, with figures and approximate times displayed clearly. This provides an ease of use, that of which I experienced myself, which makes it a no brainer to have it serve as consumers’ one-stop hub for food delivery.

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As seen in the shot above, fees saved, price match figures, average delivery time, and even extra exclusive discounts unique to MealMe users are conveniently displayed, which then can be directly ordered in the app from any of the major food delivery services that makes most sense in terms of savings and convenience.

So for those exhausted of having to peruse through multiple apps just to satisfy your immediate cravings, MealMe is a smart choice that makes absolute sense and can be downloaded on the App Store. Because if we can leave the frustration of having too much choices to just streaming services only, then we can all take a collective sigh of relief.

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