Royal Carb Ban: The Queen Shuns Meghan Markle’s Favorite Food

Royal Carb Ban: The Queen Shuns Meghan Markle’s Favorite Food Italian style pasta dinner. Spaghetti with tomato and basil in plate on wooden board and ingredients for cooking pasta over dark blue plywood background, top view

Tabloids have never met a small piece of information they couldn’t turn into a sign of the apocalypse. It goes the same with a reported royal carb ban that Queen Elizabeth has imposed at Buckingham Palace. The publications transformed this into a war between her and pasta-loving Duchess Megan.

How did this earth-shattering conflict start, you ask? Pretty innocuously, actually. Royal chef Darren McGrady recently said that carb-rich foods like rice, pasta, and potatoes are banned from the menu at Buckingham Palace. Then, the British tabloid The Daily Express turned this into a doomsday event, by connecting the information with the previously known fact that one of Meghan Markle’s favorite foods is pasta.

But the facts are actually much simpler: Meghan Markle simply has to renounce eating pasta just when she’s visiting Buckingham Palace. Because that’s where this royal carb ban is in place. And that is not that frequent of an event. And since the Duchess and her hubby, Prince Harry live at Kensington Palace, they can mostly eat whatever they want 90 percent of the time. That’s not such a raw deal, right?

The royal carb ban, not that shocking

We already know that plenty of carbs aren’t really healthy to eat, and it’s quite understandable that Queen Elizabeth II, at 92 years of age, prefers to have healthier food that is not very starchy. So, Meghan Markle eating pasta is not some phenomenal act of defiance or something to perpetuate an all-out war. It’s probably just a regular Wednesday for the royal couple.

Meghan has previously said that one of her favorite types of pasta is made with courgettes, aka zucchini, that she likes to slow-cook and basically turn into a “filthy, sexy mush” – her words, not mine.

Now, here is something that really bothers me: Meghan is also banned from eating seafood and garlic on royal tours when she is in the company of the queen. Now, who can be that cruel and ban garlic, I ask? Especially since there are plenty of remedies out there for keeping garlic breath at bay? 

Royal Carb Ban: The Queen Shuns Meghan Markle’s Favorite Food

Along with the royal carb ban, seafood is also a no-no for meals shared by the queen and the duchess.

Other things the queen likes

Since we’ve got you here, maybe you’re curious to learn more things about the queen’s diet. According to Darren McGrady, her favorite snack is a banana. But she likes to eat it in a very royal way. She cuts off the bottoms and cuts the banana lengthwise. Then she slices it in tiny pieces and eats it with a fork.

So yeah, the queen seems to be a rule-breaker. And a pioneer. Usually, you’re scoffed at if you’re not having a rare steak. Because, gasp!, the queen likes to have her meat a bit more well done. Honestly, we have that in common, but please don’t scold me in the comments. I had a bad experience with rare steak in my childhood.

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