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Meet the Central Texas BBQ-Style Pop-Up Fusing Chinese, Japanese, and Hawaiian Flavors

Central Texas Fusion BBQ

Chef Logan Sandoval is up to some sorcery with his Central Texas-style BBQ pop-up called Zef BBQ in Simi Valley, California. Think of a delicious whirlwind of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and American BBQ making an impact through dishes like Hong Shao Rou Burnt Ends, Texas Brisket Curry, and Chashu Pork Ramen.


This is food you likely have not seen and tasted, as Sandoval expertly crafts plates filled with a medley of cultural influences and flavors, all with delicious results. The way he colors outside the lines with his cuisine is a testament to why he chose Zef to be the name of his pop-up, as the term relates to a South African counter culture that centers around the mantra of not really caring about what anyone else thinks of you.

Asian flavors revolving around Texas-style BBQ? Why the fuck not? It’s that carefree aura that permeates each dish that makes it all so… zef.

Zef is Sandoval’s literal playground, where ideas that we didn’t think could work end up coming to fruition as memorable and fun food. And if you so happen to meet him at the pop-up, you’ll immediately catch that energy from his vibrant and bombastic style of cooking to his tie-dye Crocs and Dragon Ball Z graphic tee.

All around it’s simply good vibes, infectious creativity, and food that’s meant to challenge norms — what more could you ask from a quality meal?

Written by Reach Guinto. Reproduced with permission from FoodBeast.com.

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