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McDonald’s Is Eyeing Meatless Burgers

McDonald’s Is Eyeing Meatless Burgers Veggie burger made with fresh vegetables

The world is rapidly changing and sometimes in shocking ways. One of these shocking ways? Meatless burgers might be coming soon to a McDonald’s near you! And that is kind of a big deal, isn’t it?

One of the most famous burger chains in the world is considering using fake meat in their recipes and so meatless burgers will probably get completely mainstream. Lucy Brady, McDonald’s senior vice president of corporate strategy, talked about this during Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in California, recently.

When asked about the high-tech meatless patties, Brady had a vague but interesting answer, saying that “plant-based protein is something we’re keeping our eye on.”

Finally, your vegan friends, or even you, wouldn’t have to just get fries when you go to McDonald’s with your sinful, carnivorous friends. You could have a veggie or fake meat burger, while everybody is still indulging in various meats, like beef and chicken.

McDonald’s Is Eyeing Meatless Burgers

Lab-grown meat is made from cells which were harvested from a real animal.

Origin of meatless burgers?

But what Lucy Brady didn’t say at the California Summit is in what way they’re keeping an eye on plant-based protein. McDonald’s definitely has the resources to develop some sort of patty in-house, but it can also use ready tried and tested patties.  According to Futurism.com, it would be so much cheaper for the fast food giant to develop their own things, otherwise, McDonald’s prices would have to skyrocket.

Other fast-food chains have already experimented with meatless burgers. Burger King has been selling veggie burgers for a while, and White Castle launched an Impossible meat burger this year.

Two types of meatless burgers

But there’s an important distinction between fake meat and lab-grown meat. Fake meat is made from soy, gluten or pea. On the other hand, lab-grown meat is made from cells which were harvested from a real animal. That type of meat might come out on the market next year and we’re waiting for it with bated breath. The product is still pretty expensive though, so it will take a while for it to be accessible to simple people, like you and me.

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