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Krispy Kreme Shares New Valentine’s Day Collection


In the time leading up to Valentine’s Day, it’s only necessary to spread a little love. But for Krispy Kreme, they’re encouraging fans to sprinkle a little love, which can be done via their new Valentine’s Day doughnut collection.

The new collection includes a custom box with two perforated, pop-out Valentines and will feature four new heart-shaped doughnuts filled with fan-favorite flavor combinations and feature Krispy Kreme’s new Valentine’s Day mascots – an adorable bear and bee.

Check out the sweet details of the new Krispy Kreme Valentine’s Day Collection:

  • Beary Best Valentine Doughnut: Dipped in chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, decorated like a teddy bear with Chocolate KREME and icing.
  • Bee Mine Doughnut: With Strawberries & KREME filling, dipped in red icing and decorated with pink icing and a bee sugar piece.
  • Cookie to My KREME Doughnut: Filled with Cookies & KREME, dipped in white icing, decorated with a chocolate icing drizzle, and topped with a confetti heart sprinkle blend.
  • My Batter Half Doughnut: Filled with cake batter, dipped in pink icing, and decorated with heart sprinkles.

Krispy Kreme’s new Valentine’s Day Collection is now available for a limited time.

Written by Reach Guinto. Reproduced with permission from FoodBeast.com.

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