Healthiest Foods: What Countries Can You Buy Them In?

The new research conducted by The George Insitute for Global Health has revealed surprising and unlikely results! According to the research, the country where you can find the healthiest foods in is the United Kingdom. 

But you have to pay attention! The research focused on the healthiest foods and drinks, not on the overall healthiest meal plan of the citizens of that country. Thus, the study says that The United Kingdom has a high quality of ingredients, foods, and drinks, but that does not mean that Brits are the healthiest people. Because otherwise, we would have at least expected Mediterranean people to be on top!

Researchers looked at over 400,000 products from over 20 global territories and countries. They focused on multiple aspects of the same product and rated them according to criteria like the saturated fat content and sugar levels, for starters.

The healthiest foods are in the US, as well

The 400,000 foods were appraised using Australia’s Health Star System. Each item got a rating ranging from half a star to 5 stars according to the level of nutrition found in them. I’ve already mentioned that the UK had the biggest overall rating, with 2.83 stars. But it’s also surprising that lagging not far behind it, with 2.82 stars, is the United States. In third place came Australia, close to the UK and the US, with a rating of 2.81.

But what are the countries that had the worst foods in the world? The lowest ratings went to India (2.27), China (2.43) and Chile (2.44). But when we separate the rating for foods and drinks, the results slightly shift for some countries. For instance, Chinese drinks had one of the highest ratings (2.9), while the foods got a measly 2.39. On the other hand, South Africa got one of the biggest ratings for food, a 2.87, but had some of the unhealthiest drinks, rated at 1.92 stars.

Other things the research noted on? China had the highest levels of saturated fat in packaged foods and drinks, while Canada and the US had the saltiest foods.

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