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How to Organize Your Kitchen With Awesome Accessories

Organized kitchen Image: Unsplash

Kitchen is probably the second place you spend most of your indoor-time, cooking healthy meals and guilt-free snacks plus desserts for you or your family, right? Well, it is about time to reevaluate how cozy and well organized your kitchen actually is.

If you think it could use a little improvement, here we are some great ideas of how you can organize your kitchen. From drawers to cabinets and cupboards, everything can be sorted out in order to make your kitchen more joyful, colorful and a place you love to sit in for hours.

First, you need to take out all the things from your cabinets and split them into two main categories: what to keep and what to throw away. Advice: only keep the objects that you know in your heart you will use. Throw everything else. Once this step is done, you can continue organizing your kitchen with one (or more) of these ideas:

1. Split your kitchen in work zones

  • Zone 1. Store here items used daily, such as plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, basic glassware. They need to be easy to access or close to the dishwasher.
  • Zone 2. This is dedicated for all the items used for cooking, such as: dishes, cutting boards, wooden spoons, spatulas, pots, pans, mixing bowls, baking utensils, measuring cups. Place them nearby the oven.
  • Zone 3. Assign space in the pantry for dry goods, spices and larger kitchen gadgets, if you have any.
  • Zone 4. Storage and accessories section. Here you can keep food wraps, tin foils, to go items, food storage, bags. If it’s possible, keep these near a fridge.
  • Zone 5. If you are a person that cannot function without the morning coffee, save space in your kitchen to create a corner for morning beverages. Here you can keep all coffee cups, coffee bags, pods and other accessories, but also teas, mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses or other glassware you have.
  • Zone 6. Cleaning area. You might want to find room for it under the sink. Here you can keep all the cleaning supplies, garbage bags, recycling items, extra hand soap or dish soap, sponges, etc.


2. Invest in kitchen organizing accessories

The best advice we can give you when it comes to organizing your kitchen is to use the space wisely. You know your kitchen better than everyone else, so make use of the space it offers you and fill it with joyful organizing accessories, such as:

  • A bag dispenser placed on a wall, under a shelf or inside a cabinet. You can tuck up to 30 grocery bags inside and when you want to reuse them, just pull one bag easily out of the wide dispensing slot in the front.
  • A cutlery tray drawer organizer, easily expandable and perfectly adjustable for all of your utensils. The organizer has rectangular compartments in which you can keep teaspoons, soup spoons, knives, forks, food thermometers, can openers and so on.
  • A pan organizer. Consider it a small investment to keep your sanity. We all know how hard it may be to find room in the kitchen to fit all the pans and lids you probably have. This rack accommodates up to five pans with vertical installation or four pans with horizontal installation.
  • A sponge holder with enough space to hold even dishwashing detergents, dish brush or a wash cloth.
  • A storage shelf with 3 open front baskets which can provide storage space for fruits, vegetables, pastas, bottles, cans, jars, etc. It can fit nicely next to cabinets, refrigerator, kitchen sink, in pantry closets or in unused corners.
  • An over the sink dish drying rack to store freshly washed utensils, chopsticks, knives, forks, plates, bowls, soap, sponges, cutting boards and so on. It offers immediate access to any kitchen utensils you may need. It can hold over 20 dishes and 32 bowls.
  • A cutting board organizer perfect to mount on a cabinet door, on the inside or on the outside. You can easily mount it on a wall, as well. Besides cutting boards, you can keep in it bakeware pans, cookie sheets or plastic food wrap.

There are a lot of cool accessories you can invest in (and not necessarily large amounts of money) in order to give your kitchen a whole new look or a refreshed aspect. After all, it is the second most important place in your house, right?

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