Caviar Myths to Unlearn for Your Special Dinner

Caviar Myths to Unlearn for Your Special Dinner Black caviar in silver bowl, sandwiches and champagne on gray concrete background

If you plan on being fancy this holiday season, then maybe you’re entertaining the idea of having some caviar at your table. And you should, because it’s delicious, even if it’s a splurge. But first, let’s see some caviar myths you must be aware of.

It took me a long while to even try caviar, but as soon as I did it, I ended up loving it. It seemed so icky at first and the texture did not seem too great. But if you are willing to move past that, you will definitely have a great treat for you and your friends at a special dinner. Maybe even for your New Year’s party!

But before you do, some research is required. And we need to demystify some caviar myths that have been perpetuated for far too long.

Caviar myths you shouldn’t buy into

1. You can only enjoy it with another ingredient

When you’re having caviar, it will also be served with plenty of accouterments, like chives, toast and butter, eggs, minced onion, and others. But if you want to feel the full flavor, you can, you don’t have to pair it with something else for caviar to give you pleasure shivers. So, try to have a spoon of it first, see how you like it and go from there.

Caviar Myths to Unlearn for Your Special Dinner

2. You should have it with champagne

Caviar and champagne, that’s the dream pairing, heh? Well, not necessarily. There is never just one way of doing anything and you should feel free to try other things as well. And since we’re on the topic of pairings, you might want to try and have it with some vodka, because that is the traditional pairing. This is literally how the Russians do it, and they know the caviar. Bonus benefit? Vodka tends to cleanse your palate and that means the taste will come out loud and clear. But champagne will do nicely as well.

3. You chew it

It seems natural that you chew food, right? Isn’t this what our mothers teach us? ‘Chew your food, Ruxandra!’ But sometimes, that advice doesn’t really work! because caviar is supposed to be felt with your tongue and taste buds and not chewed. Tasting it with your tongue helps you to really get a feel of the texture and the flavor and trust us, you really want to do that.

4. You don’t serve it very cold

You are in fact supposed to serve caviar ice cold. Don’t worry, it won’t freeze easily. The temperature you want to be going for is 35 degrees F (1-2 degrees C). Freezing it tends to affect the texture though, so be careful.

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  1. Hi Ruxandra Grecu
    Thank you for your very good article , Caviar myths.
    I am an Iranian you know Iran is mother country of caviar. because Caspian sea ,near to iranian beach , is very depth so most of catches caviar belong to Iran.
    In Iran we eat caviar in breakfast time with bread and some butter and a few drops of lemon juice …
    but now I see your best recommendation was so useful for me
    I hope to see more from you.
    best regards
    Ali Kheiri, Tehran

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