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Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes Homemade Gooey Double Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn’t like having a delicious batch of chocolate-y goodness? Brownies are one of our favorite desserts to eat. If you feel the same way, then why not learn how to make them? Here are some common mistakes people make when baking brownies.

Are you trying to make brownies and the results are less than exquisite? Do they turn out a melty, gooey mess? Then maybe something is going a bit wrong somewhere along the process. I personally hate it when I dream of the perfect brownies and what I get would fail quality control anywhere. There’s got to be a streamlined process to making them, right?

If what you’re looking for is something decadent, with a very rich taste, to be your faithful companion when you’re in need of some comfort, then look at these following common mistakes and check yourself before you wreck your batch!

So, you might already know that there are two types of brownie recipes out there: the ones that are more like cake and the fudgier variety. How do you tell one from the other? Look at the ingredients. If the emphasis is on chocolate and butter than on dry ingredients, then you’ve found a fudge-like recipe. But if you’re supposed to cream butter and sugar together, your brownie will most likely turn out on the cake side.

And if you’re looking for brownie-related inspiration, we’ve got you covered on this, site. From snickers brownies to peanut butter mug brownies and even vegan brownies, you can make so many delicious treats!

Common mistakes when baking brownies

1. You’re not using the good chocolate

The tastiest treats are usually made from the best possible ingredients. So, if you can afford it, don’t just buy simple baking chocolate. Splurge a little on good chocolate. Also, don’t work with tiny chocolate chips, because they contain stabilizers which tend to melt poorly. It’s much better to get a big bar of chocolate and cut it into chunks, which will melt slower and lead to much creamier results.

And if you’re into mixing things up, then don’t just go for dark chocolate, even if it’s healthier. Add some of your more sinful varieties, something with a bit of sugar in it.

2. Your chocolate is too hot

One of the key things that can go wrong when baking brownies is cooking your eggs. How can that happen? Well, eggs tend to cook pretty fast when hot temperatures are involved. And if you add your chocolate to eggs when it’s super-hot, then it will end up cooking your eggs. That’s definitely not the result you’re looking for. So, let the chocolate you just melted cool a little.

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

When you melt your chocolate, make sure that you don’t burn it.

3. Your eggs and butter are too cold

The other temperature-related mistake is using butter and eggs straight from the fridge. Please don’t. Make sure that you let those get to room temperature before you use them for the batter. If you do that, then you have a better chance of getting a smoother batter for the brownies of your dreams.

4. You are adding too many flavors

Don’t overcharge your palate with eccentric flavor combinations that have too many elements. Just pick one extra flavor and ride the chocolate wave with it. Let the chocolate be the star of the brownie, don’t eclipse it with too many other things. Some ideas of what you could add: nuts, peanut butter, or cream cheese. And then enjoy the rich taste you get!

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Nuts and nut butters are excellent fillings for your brownies.

5. You are not baking enough

What is the key to getting the worst result when baking brownies? Lacking patience! Undercooked brownies are quite possibly the worst because they’re all melty and have a disgusting texture. Follow your recipe to the letter, including – or especially – the baking time. That way you’ll be sure to get some crispiness on the crust of your brownie tray.

6. You’re not letting them rest

This is another instance where lacking patience will come and bite you in the brownie tray. Once you’ve cooked your tray for the required time specified in the recipe, remove it from the oven. But don’t give in to your craving just yet. The brownies are still setting in there and they need time to be the best that they can be. Not to mention that they’ll be easier to remove from the tray itself!

Baking Brownies: Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Try to be patient and let your tray set when baking brownies.

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