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Garlic Breath Be Gone: 5 Foods That Help

Garlic Breath Be Gone: 5 Foods That Help Close up of garlic sauce with lemon, thyme and rosemary in bowl on table

Garlic rich foods are not only healthy but also pretty tasty and flavorful. But what do you do when you have to interact with people after eating food laced with garlic? Ward off that dreaded garlic breath with the help of these foods.

What's the only advantage of garlic breath? It keeps vampires away, according to mythology. But since we're not in Dracula land, and vampires only exist in movies, you need some solutions that will let you indulge in food with garlic and then be able to talk to your friends.

Garlic is pretty healthy since it contains compounds that fight cancer - breast, colon, stomach, throat and skin cancers, to be precise. It helps lower your blood pressure and prevent clotting in your arteries. The secret to the health benefits lies in the sulfides, the compounds in garlic that are also responsible for your bad breath. Oh, garlic, why must you take us on such a rollercoaster? Fortunately, there are some foods that help counteract the effects of garlic breath.

5 foods that help with garlic breath

1. Basil and parsley

These super flavored herbs are rich in polyphenols, compounds that act like antioxidants and that can break down the sulfur compounds found in garlic. The idea here is to eat these foods during the same meal as the garlic. The better way is to eat them in separate dishes, but basil and parsley also work if they're in the same dish as the troublesome garlic.

2. Apples

According to research, we can be pretty sure that Snow White did not pass out with bad breath. That's because she had an apple. The fruit is also very rich in polyphenols, which help break down the sulfides in garlic.

Garlic Breath Be Gone: 5 Foods That Help

If you eat something full of garlic, then eat an apple afterward to refresh your breath.

3. Green tea

This drink that's so great for so many things is also rich in those helpful polyphenols that reduce the sulfur compounds. All you have to do is drink green tea before or after the garlic-rich meal. Green tea is even more helpful since it also has a hand in making your brain function better, which in turn makes you smarter. It improves physical performance and the burning of fat.

4. Milk

Drink milk before or after a meal full of garlic because research has shown that the water in it helps to rinse the mouth from the sulfides. Another helpful component? The fat in the milk, which latches on to the sulfides and gets them away from your mouth. The researchers that tested the mouthwash properties of milk also analyzed other foods, like eggplant, mushrooms, and prunes.

Garlic Breath Be Gone: 5 Foods That Help

The fat in milk latches onto the sulfides in garlic. Have a glass of milk before or after the garlic meal.

5. Spinach

Spinach and garlic taste pretty great together. So why not make a salad with both of them or a spinach stew? They should be consumed at the same time for nice breath-freshening effects. Spinach is loaded with plenty of other nutrients, so you're getting so much more than a good breath out of it. Like protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals.

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