Fireworks and Powers: Independence Day Superhero Menu for the 4th of July

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Have you heard? Superheroes are all the rage! We’re kidding, of course, they’ve been all over any type of media for years now. What else can you say about them? We’re thinking about what they would eat. This 4th of July, maybe try this Independence Day superhero menu?

I am what you might call a geek. Or a nerd. I’ve been binging on superhero movies, waiting with baited breath for “Avengers: Infinity War” (It was pretty good, eh?) so it was only natural that at some point my passion for caped crusaders and delicious food might intersect. Why not during this holiday weekend of 4th of July? I got to thinking… If they had a cookout or a fireworks party, what kind of food would superheroes bring and want to eat? I have some theories about the Independence Day superhero menu.

Of course, this is all based in speculation and in the very flimsy evidence presented by all of the films, comic books, and other media I’ve consumed. And it’s a lot. I tend to watch aaaalll of them. I’ve seen every Marvel movie multiple times. I must admit, the DC movies I’ve only seen once each, except for “Wonder Woman”, which was so wonderful that I can’t stop watching even now, a year later. I tried to stick with the more famous of the superheroes, because I love a lot of occult ones, too.

Here are our suggestions for the Independence Day superhero menu of your dreams!

The Independence Day Superhero Menu to go with fireworks

1. Superman – grilled corn

Sure, Superman is quite the immigrant or maybe even refugee from the destroyed planet of Krypton. But his human alter ego, Clark Kent, was raised on a farm and we could call him a corn-fed farm boy. Multiple Superman films show this essential image of him in the cornfield, including “Man of Steel” and “Superman Returns”. And I’m pretty sure that when he flies in with his cape blowing in the wind to spend the 4th of July with his mom, Martha, he loves to throw some corn cobs on the grill.

2. Deadpool – Tex-Mex food

Is there any food that the virtually indestructible “Merc with a mouth” loves more than chimichangas? I think not. So it’s pretty clear to me that he would just have a lot of Tex-Mex food for the 4th of July because it’s a time of celebration and having what you love the most. And he would probably break the fourth wall to tell you that this might not be traditional food for the holiday, but he’s not going to change his ways.

3. The Hulk – BBQ and mashed potatoes

Or maybe smashed potatoes? The green, muscly alter-ego of mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner has anger issues. But most importantly, whenever he goes anywhere, he brings quite an appetite with him! Since his metabolism is so strong, he has no dietary restrictions so he can add whatever he wants to his Independence Day superhero menu. But beware of him if he wants to pass some gas. Mashed potatoes and a huge quantity of steaks is just the meal to satisfy him. Unless he turns back into Bruce Banner, who wants something light and veggie-based.

4. Jessica Jones – all of the alcohol

This jaded superhero clearly doesn’t eat enough, because she is stressed out all of the time. She’s not one to go for healthy food, but there’s one thing on the menu she always likes: the booze. If superheroes had a party for Independence Day, I know that Jessica Jones would be constantly at the bar, asking for refills on her scotch and making sarcastic comments and the bartender trying to cut her off from more alcohol. But… She has super strength, so there’s nothing the poor bastard could do.

5. Wonder Woman – ice cream

The love that Wonder Woman has for ice cream is very well documented. She tried it first in some of the comics and then got another scoop full in one of the animated film featuring her. And the Patty Jenkins-directed movie that came out last year and made quite a splash just reinforced this piece of trivia about the powerful and beautiful Amazon goddess. This time, she tries ice cream in London, during the First World War, and she is very into it. Two scoops will never be enough for this hero of the people.

6. Captain America – apple pie

Steve Rogers is quite the patriot and there probably isn’t a more all-American superhero than him out there. Of course, he would love apple pie, because what’s more American, food-wise, than this lovely hot dessert? A man who minds when other people swear around him is a man who is a bit traditional and also has a sweet tooth. If I had an apple pie making business, I would definitely hire Chris Evans to promote it.

7. The Avengers – shawarma

Superheroes would probably get together for parties, but it’s very tough for their schedules to coordinate since the world needs saving a lot. There are always super villains or aliens or gods that want to enslave Earth and everyone on it. So, of course, in case of an emergency like the attack on New York in the first “Avengers” movie, no superhero would have time to cook and grill. What’s the answer? Going out for shawarma, of course, at the beckoning of Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Even when buildings are crumbling, there will always be one tiny shawarma place left standing, where the employees are dusting off alien remains and shards of glass from the calamity.

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