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Traditional Churro Stand Near Disneyland Is Serving Strawberry Funnel Cake Churros

Just outside of Disneyland, you can find the Don Churros Gomez stand cranking out a 50-year-old tradition on weekends. They’re likely the only churro shop in the country to sell churro grueso, a unique, bread-like churro found in Yahualica, Jalisco, Mexico. Don Churros, which originally started in the mountains of Yahualica, is now putting a creative spin on those churros worthy of their theme park neighbors.

Their new Strawberry Funnel Cake Churro is a way to celebrate summer that holds true to churros but brings in the flavors of funnel cake. It takes nearly half a spiralized rosca, or thread, of churros to make, and is coated con nieve style, with powdered sugar, a wild strawberry ice cream, and wild strawberry syrup drizzled on top. The wild strawberry is less sweet but more aromatic, lending a strong fruity flavor to the treat.

You can also order the Strawberry Funnel Cake Churro in churro grueso form, which acts more like an elongated ice cream sandwich with churro buns. The chewy yet crispy churro grueso adds an intriguing balance of textures to an already craveworthy combination.

The proverbial cherry on top with Don Churros Gomez, however, is the mesmerizing process they use to make their churros come to life. Cooking them by the massive spiral or rosca, which you can see in the below video or through their stand’s windows, is core to what makes this churro such a full-on sensory experience.

Don Churros will be selling these throughout the summer as their first-ever limited time offering, and if it goes well, may begin serving up other special edition churro desserts in the near future.

Written by Constantine Spyrou. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com

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