This Airline Will Cater to Your Most Unexpected Food Cravings

This Airline Will Cater To Your Most Unexpected Food Cravings

Airline food is usually hit or miss for me. When I’m about to fly, I usually try to eat something before boarding. Because of this, I usually stick with pretzels and ginger ale when actually in the air.

But if you’re a fan of feasting while flying, there’s a private jet booking company called PrivateFly, that has a glowing reputation of letting passengers order just about ANYTHING their hearts desire during flights.

Passengers on the airline are able to make their request 24 hours before their flight, and the airline will do their best to accommodate their cravings.

Remember those stories of Presidents hopping on Air Force One to pick up some mouthwatering BBQ in Texas? It’s kind of like that.

Even if the foods desired aren’t stocked in the kitchen, PrivateFly will go out and pick up whatever you want.

Yes, that means you can even get an In-N-Out Double-Double with extra well-done fries while docked in California.

“Dining is such an important part of the travel experience – even while getting to and from your destination,” said Geoff Villano, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations at PrivateFly. “When flying private you can make onboard eating one of the trip’s highlights, whether business or pleasure. There is truly no request too elaborate as long as the jet’s kitchen can adequately handle it.”

Wonder if they can cut the line at Howlin’ Ray’s though.

Written by Peter Pham. Reproduced with permission from FOODBEAST.COM

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