Taco Bell Is Kicking Off 2019 With Nationwide Launch of $1 Grande Burritos

Taco Bell Is Kicking Off 2019 With Nationwide Launch Of $1 Grande Burritos Photo: Constantine Spyrou//Foodbeast

2018 isn’t even over yet, and we know what the first new Taco Bell item going into 2019 will be: $1 Grande Burritos.

The Grande Burrito kicks off Taco Bell’s newest value lineup: The Value Cravings Menu, a combination of their dollar-priced items and $5 boxes. Dropping nationwide on December 27th, they’ll be available in two flavors: Chicken Enchilada and Three Cheese Nacho.

Both bargain burritos are loaded to the brim with ingredients. The chicken enchilada version crams in shredded chicken, red sauce, seasoned rice, reduced fat sour cream, and shredded cheese. The Three Cheese Nacho has a whole different set of ingredients, featuring seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, red tortilla strips, reduced fat sour cream, and a three cheese blend.

The Dollar Grande Burritos were originally tested in Birmingham, Alabama a year ago. A Taco Bell representative said they did “really well,” meriting a nationwide launch of the new dollar menu items.

As for the rest of 2019, we’ll have to wait and see what crave-worthy creations the chain comes up with next.

Written by Constantine Spyrou. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com. 

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