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Super Stretchy Booza Ice Cream Gets Stuffed Inside This Baklava Sandwich

Booza Baklava Sandwich

This stretchy Arabic ice cream gets served inside a Baklava 😲🍦FIND IT HERE: https://www.foodbeast.com/news/booza-baklava-ice-cream-sandwich/

Gepostet von Foodbeast am Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2019

Not too long ago, images of what appeared to be ice cream being stretched out like Mr. Fantastic’s limbs drew a viral reaction, as everyone wondered where they could get this super stretchy ice cream. But folks in the Middle East had already been on the elastic ice cream wave, which is better known as booza. Think of it as an extra creamy gelato with the excess malleability of taffy, all with an ambrosial taste that’s just as unique as it’s stretch.

Atomic Creamery, a purveyor of fresh made-to-order, all-natural liquid nitrogen ice cream out in Newport Beach, California, has linked up with Foodbeast to create a remix to booza ice cream that involves packing the stretchy stuff in between baklava to create the ice cream sandwich of your dreams. To start, the booza is flavored with sahlab, an ingredient made from dried orchid roots, thus creating the sweet, floral notes in the ice cream. Being sandwiched in between two decadent layers of baklava is a flourish worth documenting on your palates as well as on your timeline.

This exclusive collab item is available for only a limited time at Atomic Creamery’s location inside the Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach, California and will be up for grabs for only 45 days. The Booza Baklava Ice Cream Sandwich is now available and is a fever dream of a dessert and if you’re down to indulge in the stretch, make sure to act quickly!

Written by Reach Guinto. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com

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