Snickers Is Stuffing Their Newest Candy Bars With Almond and Peanut Butter

Snickers is a candy bar known for playing on a combination of textures and flavors with creamy nougat, crunchy nuts, and an assault of caramel and chocolate. However, they’re forgoing the textural contrast the nuts typically provide in their newest product, swapping them and the nougat out for a nut butter filling instead.

The new Creamy Snickers bars benefit from the addition of the nut butters, since they help to balance out the sweetness of the rest of the candy bar. Flavor-wise, they’re not too different from the originals, but the texture is a lot smoother in comparison, making for a smoother candy bar.

There are three flavors of the creamy Snickers that were developed: Almond Butter, Maple Almond Butter, and Peanut Butter. Each of them adds a complexity in flavor to the candy. For example, the peanut butter flavor tastes almost like a Reese’s, but the nuttiness of the caramel makes it stand out.

These new bars will be available in stores nationwide starting in January 2019. It’ll be an interesting contrast to past iterations, since the missing crunch but added flavor balance transform the candy into something beyond the standard Snickers.

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